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Nuking Nevada: A New Era of Nuclear Terror? PDF Print E-mail
Peace News
Tuesday, 14 March 2006 15:05
Nuking Nevada: A New Era of Nuclear Terror?

PEJ News - C. L. Cook - Britain and the United States conducted a nuclear weapons test in Nevada two weeks ago. Going almost entirely unremarked in the corporate press, the test marks a move towards the proposed next generation of nuclear weapons, weapons whose impacts are reputedly smaller. But, will the so-called 'mini-nukes' make their use more palatable?



Times Online
The Sunday Times
March 12, 2006

[PEJ News is not licensed to reproduce Times material. For the full story, please see here. - lex]

Focus: Britain's secret nuclear blueprint

For nearly a year British scientists at Aldermaston have been secretly working with the Americans on a replacement for Trident. Do we need it? Is it legal? Michael Smith reports
Two weeks ago a group of Britain?s brightest young physicists gathered at the US nuclear test site in the Nevada desert and headed for Control Point 1. There they waited for a test codenamed Operation Krakatoa to erupt.

A thousand feet beneath the desert scrub, components for a new British nuclear warhead were ready for detonation. Though it was not to be an earthquaking full nuclear blast ? since Britain is a signatory to the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty ? the physicists were about to witness only the second ?sub-critical? test Britain has conducted in nearly a decade.

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