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International Peace Monitors, Medical Teams Under Israeli Fire in Nablus PDF Print E-mail
Peace News
Thursday, 23 February 2006 13:55
International Peace Monitors, Medical Teams Under Israeli Fire in Nablus

palsolidarity.org - While refusing to recognize the elected Hamas government in Palestine, ostensibly because it refuses to swear off violence, the Israeli Defense Force has ramped up operations in refugee camps throughout the West Bank. Today, those wounded included medical and ambulance workers, and "International" peace monitors in Palestine. 


Israeli military opens fire on medical team
wounding Palestinian and International medical volunteers ?


February 23rd, 2006

?We were standing in the alley way, everything was quiet when suddenly without warning we heard a big explosion and heard gun shots. I then saw Jarar and Ihab lying on the floor. Ihab wasn?t moving.? - Wounded Dutch medical volunteer

At 11:45 this morning an explosion set off by the Israeli military inside the house belonging to Muhammed Abu Hamis Abu Amar caused a fire in the house. Occupation forces prevented fire trucks from accessing the area and told them that they will be detonating further explosions in the same house. Emergency teams accompanied by international volunteers treated children in some of the adjacent houses who were effected by smoke inhalation. Neighbours attempted to put out the fire by bringing buckets of water.

At 12:30 the military set off a series of additional explosions inside the house of Muhammed Abu Amar.

At 1:00 A medical team including two Palestinians and two international volunteers were trapped in an alleyway adjacent to the house belonging to Muhammed Abu Amar. They were standing behind an Israeli Jeep that soldiers had vacated.

At 2:00 without any warning shots they were fired at and a grenade was thrown at them from around the corner. According to the volunteers the shooting came from the direction of the Alleyway where the Israeli soldiers were. A twenty two year old American student was wounded by Shrapnel in the hand a twenty nine year old Dutch volunteer was wounded by shrapnel in the thigh and shoulder, Jirar Candola an ambulance driver with the UPMRC was shot in the arm and leg and Ihab Mansour, a medical volunteer working with the Palestinian scientific society, was shot in the head and taken away by the Israeli soldiers.

At 3:00 the soldiers blew up Muhammad Abu Amar?s house, thus killing three Palestinian fighters who were inside.

Earlier this morning the Israeli military shot and killed 19 Year old Ibrahim Saadi, who was throwing a stone at the Israeli armored jeeps and 20 year old Naim Abu Sarif, who was shot dead by a sniper while on the roof of his house.

For more information call:
In Balata Simone 054-2149589 or ISM media office 02-2971824

Last Updated on Thursday, 23 February 2006 13:55

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