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Commercial sex for U.S. troops now a crime PDF Print E-mail
Peace News
Friday, 20 January 2006 08:09
Commercial sex for U.S. troops now a crime

www.preda.org -- Mike Cohen -- Commercial sex for U.S. troops now a crime Under an Oct 14th Presidential Order amending Art. 134 of the UCMJ - note the date - Since Oct 14th US forces are barred from soliciting, frequenting, being near districts where human trafficking and prostitution happens.
Per the 2005 US state department report on Human trafficking the area where the Commander of the USS Essex Battle group allowed the members of Navy and Marine unit to go ashore in November for R&R" aka; Subic and Olongapo City.

The report is supplied to all US fleet officers. Per my sources here in Military Law who are reviewing the Subic case- "This is an article 3 violation of the Uniformed Code of Military justice for allowing his men in November - a month after a CIC order issued in time of war - to go ashore, party, and, enjoy."

Meaning PACOM Legal officers - unless they too want to face a Article three MUST by UCMJ instigate a command inquiry into the Fleet commanders actions.

In simple civilian terms- They guy in charge disobeyed a presidential order- by merely allowing the "Liberty call-Liberty call" order to be issued.

Those were words "Liberty call-Liberty call" were given per the ships PA system overheard from shore. Meaning - by allowing a liberty tour in a places where what happens, happens, when sailors and marines go ashore... Was a direct violation of a Presidential order in time of war.

Ergo- now you know why so much care is being taken in this next balikatan exercise that as early as December the new sections of Article 134 - RE: human trafficking and prostitution have now been posted in every base and station of the PA Command.

But, sadly, there has been no JAG team investigation, no derogatory remark issued any other word of a court martial for the men responsible for the "Liberty call".

I am not discussing anything to do with the Subic case pending before the courts- here- what I am asking is why has there not been any sanctions versus a fleet commander for deliberate actions - that violated the UCMJ. And a order of his commander in Chief.

Thats the truth; can you handle it?

Where is Tom Cruise when you need him...?

The strange thing is it seems to me at least no US media outlet seems to really wants to report what happened in Subic, If one looks at the Aruba incident where a US teenager on a high school trip went missing, or the report on a man who was allegedly killed on a cruise ship in turkey, and any other major story on crimes vs. Americans overseas.

In those cases - AP, The NY Times, LA Times, Washington Post, reported it to no end in print.

CNN, Fox, and, MSNBC fall over themselves to repeat and report on for hours on end. Now the CNN I see here the one I'm talking about is CNN US ok- or - With what some call XNN w/ Lou Dobbs - the Xenophobic News Network

Which thank God almighty you don't see in Asia or elsewhere!

Now here when it?s a American accused of the crime committed overseas unless they happen to be celeb- when one the U.S. is accused of doing wrong overseas - there is - Nada, nothing, or something of that nature- a policy of ignorance almost.

Now had these accused. Marines; who by Philippine law are innocent until proven guilty, I mean had they been accused of done what they allegedly did in an American City - Wow! you would see endless press coverage in the USA; And I wonder had the victim been blond and blue eyed well then- every US network would be all over this case perhaps?

Or had; heaven forbid foreign troops training in the US even been accused of being near when such an alleged incident occurred- had such a thing happened.... I wonder what U.S. networks, papers, or media would have reported on that.

So there it is for you my friends over there...Its mostly a little story here- "Not on the radar" says more than one foreign editor I sent coverage offers in to- "It's not a story in good old U.S.A.?" why? Because the alleged victim isn't American- or so I'm told. [End]

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