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The Mad Logic of the War PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 06 January 2006 09:08
The Mad Logic of the War

Empire Burlesque - Chris Floyd - [In] Losing Their Minds: Mark Benjamin tells an important story of how the Pentagon denigrates, humiliates and misdiagnoses soldiers with brain injuries sustained during their term as cannon fodder for George W. Bush's "war of choice" ? as the "muscular liberals" like to call it ? in Iraq.


Brain Fever:
The Bush Regime's War on American Soldiers

Chris Floyd

Empire Burlesque
06 January 2006  

The story illustrates once again the paradox that pervades the Bush Regime: They love war, they love military power ? but they hate soldiers, the actual human beings who do their dirty work for them.

They regard them as mere biological material to be used then discarded.

They despise and disrespect them, as all overseers despise and disrespect their slaves and coolies (while loudly proclaiming their tender, paternal care for them).

It's how these big-time criminals sleep at night ? by dehumanizing everyone they harm by their depradations.

For those on the outside of Salon's subscription firewall, you can find the whole story by clicking "Read more/comment" Below.

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