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Left Coast Events (pt ii) - Lower Mainland - Dec 12th 05 PDF Print E-mail
PEJ Events
Monday, 12 December 2005 04:44
Left Coast Events (pt ii) - Lower Mainland - Dec 12th 05

1. P.K. Page, outraged at sale of Teresan to Texas company, wants name removed
from library plaque
2. The Child Is Innocent Foundation
4. Bus Riders Oppose Armed SkyTrain Police([search])
5. 2006 Slingshot Organizers - Order yours now!
6. Gear Up Solidarity ACTION
7. Live Coverage of WTO Ministerial
8. concerning stan 'tookie' williams - scheduled for execution december 13th

contributions, considerations, concerns:

* i'm collecting letters, articles, photos, cartoons, etc. until the end of december for the next victoria street newz. feel free to write your thoughts and/or experiences with poverty and/or homelessness, and send it to streetnewz (at) islandnet.com. you can publish anonymously or with a pseudonym if you choose - communitypipe.org/snz. happy holidays!

* sunday's tc front page reads "photographer of lennon's bed-in dies on a victoria sidewalk at 72", with a story about gerry and his busy last days. the following is compiled by chris cook:


* "Richard Sanders"

Election Issue: Canada DID Join Missile Defense

The results of my research on "missile defense" is contained in three lengthy issues of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) magazine, Press for Conversion! The full text of these issues (totalling about 100,000 words!) is now available online:
Issue #57: "Canada's Role in so called 'Missile Defense,'
Part II: Sea-based, Theatre Ballistic Missile Defense"

* Do you know where the parties stand?


* From: "Rosa Mertens"


* From: "Len Walker"

Thankx for putting up that book review of Tsunami Journey in your news letter. We now have a website up and working and my public email address is : info (at) tsunamihaven.org. Here is the beginnings of our application to become a society....and also (if i can find it) some info on our projects. I am taking a couple of dentists and assistants and a few others who can afford the airfare to Sri Lanka in January/Feburary to continue helping with the reconstruction.

* From: "Rebecca Y., Care2 Action Alerts"

As the holidays approach, we at Care2 and ThePetitionSite are looking for meaningful ways to give and make a difference this season. Today, we'd like to tell you about a very special way you can make a world of difference to women in Ethiopia this holiday season through CHF (formerly the Canadian Hunger Foundation).

* From: "KillerCoke.org"

Learn the truth about The Coca-Cola Co. "We believe the evidence shows that Coca-Cola and its corporate network are rife with immorality, corruption and complicity in murder."
Campaign to Stop Killer Coke/Corporate Campaign, Inc. Director Ray Rogers
Visit www.KillerCoke.org

* From: "UBCIC Current Events"

UN Convention on Biological Diversity - Ad Hoc Open-ended Intersessional Working Group on Article 8(j) and related provisions of the Convention on Biological Diversity
23 - 27 January 2006 - Granada, Spain

* From: Eva Manly

Urgent Action: Captives in Iraq([search])

CFSC is keeping close watch on the harrowing situation facing the four men (including Quaker Tom Fox and two Canadians) who are being held captive in Iraq. At this time, the only request is for statements of support of CPT by organizations (CFSC is in the process of its own) and for people to sign a petition that asks for their release.
Follow this link to sign the petition: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/freethecpt

* From: "working TV"

new online @ working TV - http://www.workingtv.com/remember-me.html
REMEMBER ME - december 6 - National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence Against Women. A National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence Against Women
event, on Sunday December 4, 2005 at the Vancouver Public Library, organized
by Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter. Webcast produced with the generous support of the British Columbia Nurses' Union.

* From:

Take action now at http://www.democracyinaction.org/oca/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=1532

* From: angela bischoff

Below is a link for an excellent audio interview with Peter Breggin on the Nobody Show, WEOS 89.7FM Geneva, NY taped on 1/24/96:

(transcript at http://www.math.missouri.edu/~rich/psych/breggin.txt)

In this interview, he deals with the dangers of antidepressant drugs, ritalin, electro shock, the profession of psychiatry, as well as the profession's role in the Holocaust.

Peter Breggin is a doctor, teacher, therapist and author of many books including Toxic Psychiatry, The Antidepressant Fact Book, Your Drug May Be Your Problem, and Talking Back to Ritalin: What Doctors Aren't Telling You About Stimulants for Children.

Dr. Breggin argues that society is becoming increasingly dependent on prescription drugs to solve psychological and social problems, and that this move towards a biomedical model of treatment is a dangerous trend, disabling and damaging the brains of children and adults.

For more on Breggin's work see http://www.breggin.com/

* From: "Clarity Press, Inc."

by Francis A. Boyle
has been named a Reader's Club choice by Arab World Books for the month of November, 2005. http://www.claritypress.com

* From: Tate Hausman [mailto:tate (at) freerangegraphics.com]

Since we launched Grocery Store Wars this spring, the team here at Free Range has been hard at work on more funny movies and games. Here are the latest three:

Victoria's Dirty Secret

Have you always wanted to know what Victoria's real secret is? We found out, and its downright ugly - so we made up some new secrets for Vicky. Check 'em out...

Late Night with Conan the Barbarian

The Governator has two weeks to decide what to do about California's infamous youth prisons. See how Arnold really makes those tough political decisions.

Extreme Auto Makeover

Meet Cy, Pam and Phil, the Extreme Auto Makeover team that's could give us smart cars for the 21st century ... if Wendell the auto lobbyist doesn't get in the way ...

* From: "Delores Broten"

YOU are invited to become a member of the new Clean Air Clean Water Clean Paper Forum from Reach for Unbleached! This is the place to post news, questions, observations, opinions and information. Got a pulp and/or paper question? Post it on our Forum at http://www.rfu.org. Independent of industry or government, there?s no place else like it on the Net! You will be asked to register before you can post, because we need to prevent porn and hackers. This Pulp Info Centre Forum is for the use of all ? fish and water stewards, forest activists, industry management, workers, communities and First Nations. We know you all have good information to share: participate!


* last time i picked up the victoria street newz, at canadian freightways, i learned they have a collection of wooden palletes - you know, the flat wooden boards that fit onto fork lifts. they're used for shipping all sorts of things, and are apparently discarded rather than reused, though sometimes people can take them. it seems rather wasteful.

* From: Geneva Hagen

Have you heard that the provincial NDP have added Guaranteed Livable Income to their platform? As of last week. Now we need to get the federal NDP to follow suit. It's already part of the Green platform.

* From: "Cosmic Debris"

Please click on the following link to read our Special Christmas Issue:

* From: "WCWC Vic"

PLEASE sign the online petition at: http://www.bcoilslick.org/

* From: Larry Kazdan

HUMAN RIGHTS DAY - key facts

* From: GreenFacts Press

Genetically Modified Crops explained - We are regularly confronted with genetically modified foods, be it in the news or on our plates. In what way are GM crops different from conventional crops? What is known about their possible risks for human health or the environment?
GreenFacts asbl is an independent non-profit organization based in Brussels. It publishes, at www.greenfacts.org, faithful summaries of authoritative scientific consensus documents on environment and health matters, which are peer-reviewed by independent experts.

* From: Catherine Etmanski

Thanks to all of you who have been organizing around World AIDS Day ? so many great events happening in Victoria! I would like to share a few photos of the 8,000 crosses exhibit at UVic, and the Nov.21 film event last week:
Click on ?View Pictures? and then ?View as a Slide Show?.

* From: The Future of Food

What is the truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered
foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store shelves for the past
decade? Find out and take part in THE FUTURE OF FOOD!

To view the trailer visit:

For more information about the film, visit:

* Street Newz editor honoured as human rights champion

Janine Bandcroft was thrilled but puzzled when she was recently recognized as an outstanding contributer to human rights by the Vancouver Island Human Rights Institute (VIHRI). http://www.martlet.ca/archives/051117/newslist.html

* From: DRovics (at) aol.com

So first of all, in a purely altruistic gesture of solidarity to all those struggling to figure out what useful and interesting gifts to buy for their friends and relatives this year, I'm doing a sale on my CDs until the end of the year... If you go to www.davidrovics.com and click on the link in the top center of the page, until December 31st the "all 9 of David's recordings for $75" deal is now $55. A darn good bargain if you ask me, so there you go...

* From: Bjorn Claeson


* From: Farmers Market

please follow this link: http://www.eatlocal.org/ebits_december

* From: "Moms on the Move"

A good source of tax info is www.taxdetective.ca.

* From: "hadas levy"

The Vancouver Renewable Energy Coop (VREC) is a registered cooperative. VREC's
mandate is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, other pollution and non-renewable
energy consumption by installing affordable renewable energy systems in the
greater Vancouver area. VREC was responsible for the installation of the first
Solar PV grid-tie system in the City of Vancouver.

More information can be found on the organization's website:


1. P.K. Page, outraged at sale of Teresan to Texas company, wants name removed
from library plaque

CBC News November 22, 2005

A leading Canadian author wants her name removed from a plaque on the
Writer's Walk at the Vancouver Public Library. P.K. Page is an award-winning
author of dozens of books including poetry, fiction and non-fiction.

Last year she was honored with the Terasen Lifetime Achievement Award, given
to an established B.C. writer every year. The award comes with a plaque in
Library Square and a $5,000 cash prize. But since the sale of Terasen Gas,
Page wants nothing to do with the company.

"I think we're selling our birthright. We're so laid back and naive as a
country. I mean if we were in Bolivia or somewhere, I think people might be
excited about this," Page said. Page has written to Terasen, asking that her
name be removed from the plaque.

Terasen's director of Public Affairs, Cam Avery, was the one who presented
the award to Page. He says he's concerned that people misunderstand what's
been sold. "We haven't sold our birthright, we've sold a delivery service.
Terasen delivers gas to peoples' homes. It does not own any gas, it's just
simply a delivery service."

Page plans on donating the cash prize to a charity and she's hoping that
other Terasen winners will join her in protesting the sale.

Winners of the prize since its inception have been: Eric Nicol (1995) Jane
Rule (1996) Barry Broadfoot (1997) Christie Harris (1998) Phyllis Webb
(1999) Paul St. Pierre (2000) Robert Harlow (2001) Peter Trower (2002)
Audrey Thomas (2003) P.K. Page (2004) Alice Munro (2005).

Posted at: Wednesday, November 23, 2005 - 09:14 AM -- Posted by: Jim Scott
-- Permalink: (#)

From: Berni Pearce


2. The Child Is Innocent Foundation

'Tis the season - jolly, happy, giving, getting. And by giving a little, you can get a lot.
Allium Foodworks Personal Chef Service is a committed fundraising partner with The Child Is Innocent . By making a donation this holiday season to this amazing, 100% volunteer-driven non-profit organization that saves lives and creates futures, you could receive a gift certificate from Allium Foodworks in Edmonton for "A Personal Chef for a Day" (value $225).
The first three generous souls who commit to sponsoring a child will each receive a gift certificate as a thank you to use or give away. Everyone who donates $30 or more will be entered in a draw for a gift certificate.
At this time of year when we get so much - materially, as well as intangibly through the special moments we share with friends - please take a moment to consider helping those who are voiceless and powerless. Your contribution will make a significant difference in the life of a child living in Northern Uganda, it can save lives and create futures.

Have a blessed and happy holiday season!

A bit more information on The Child Is Innocent and the children of Gulu:

The Child Is Innocent provides education for the impoverished children of villages outside Gulu, in Northern Uganda. To avoid being kidnapped by the LRA rebels at night, every evening these children, some as young as 7 years old, walk 10+ kilometres to sleep in safety at Gulu. In the morning, they return to their homes, jobs or schools, a return walk of another 10+ kilometers. But while this trek reduces the risk, it is not eliminated, as the LRA has been known to storm schools and kidnap entire classrooms of children. Thousands of children are kidnapped every year, forced to serve as child soldiers, labourers, or sex slaves. Some are eventually returned to their homes, bare shadows of themselves; many never survive captivity.

The Child Is Innocent currently provides about 35 children with education, food and safety, protecting them from the risk of being kidnapped, and providing them the tools to ensure their future and in turn, helping to end the cycle of poverty for them and their families. Their goal is to increase that number and eventually build a school, dormitory and help as many children as possible.

Your donation, whatever amount you choose to make, will make a real difference. For more information, visit www.thechildisinnocnet.ca or contact Bonnie Fournier at 780-993-0383 or bonnie (at) thechildisinnocent.ca.

From: Bonnie Fournier



Paralympic athlete and SFU employee Ian Gregson will be seeking the Green Party nomination for Burnaby Douglas in the upcoming federal election, January 23rd, 2006.

Gregson, who twice ran in Vancouver Hastings for the BC provincial election cites significant concerns on the lack of action on certain issues as his inspiration to run at the federal level. Specifically, accountability for the 2010 Olympics, alternatives to Trans Canada expansion and electoral reform at the national level.

"As someone who lives about 50 meters from the Trans Canada, I am extremely concerned about the environmental impact of an expanded freeway" states Gregson from his office on Burnaby Mountain. "The current federal government has done nothing to alleviate our dependence on fossil fuels; we have to show elected officials the environment is the major issue facing Canadians, we can do that by electing Green Party Members of Parliament on January 23rd".

As a disability advocate Ian was the first athlete in Canada to be awarded a post secondary athletic scholarship. In 1987 he was awarded the Chevron Canada Post Secondary Burnaby athlete of the year. In 1992 Ian became the first athlete to chair the BC Sport and Fitness Council for the disabled [now BC Disability Sports] and member of the Premiers advisory council on sport. Today Ian provides support for people with limb loss via his web site at http://amputee-online.com

Gregson currently works in the Archaeology department at Simon Fraser University. He has been an active member of CUPE 3338 as communications coordinator.

Ian's web site can be seen at http://voteforian.com

From: Ian Gregson


4. Bus Riders Oppose Armed SkyTrain Police

Armed SkyTrain police means heightened racial profiling & violence - not genuine safety for bus riders

Vancouver ? The Bus Riders Union opposes the launch of TransLink?s new armed police force. Many bus riders have told organizers from the progressive union that they have experienced racial profiling and violence from SkyTrain police. Explains Beth Grayer, BRU organizer, "Many bus riders feel terrorised by SkyTrain police. The presence of SkyTrain police alone intimidates many transit-dependent people, especially youth, seniors, children, women, immigrants and refugees ? now that the police are armed, we are even more concerned".

The Bus Riders Union is a grassroots organization with 900 members fighting to put the needs of transit-dependent people, who are majority women and disproportionately people of colour and aboriginal people, at the centre of public policy. They have been organizing in the GVRD since 2001. Continues Grayer, "we have heard from many bus riders, particularly from communities of colour and aboriginal communities, that they have been racial profiled, assaulted, harassed, detained, interrogated, arrested and humiliated by SkyTrain police"

The SkyTrain police, in addition to carrying semi-automatic weapons, will also hold power to arrest, detain and issue $173 fines for ?fare evasion?. BRU organizer Yuly Chan notes, "These new expanded powers go hand in hand with high fares and inadequate transit service ? first they raise fares to unaffordable levels, then they put armed police on the SkyTrain to terrorise people into complying." Chan continues, "The real priority safety issues in the transit system are overcrowding, unreliable and infrequent service, poorly lit bus stops and high fares".

The decision to arm SkyTrain police came just a short few months after TransLink decided to build the $1.9 billion RAV line, which is the largest public-private partnership project in Canadian history. The contract for the new SkyTrain line was granted to SNC-Lavallin, a Montreal-based corporation profiting from making bullets for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. Grayer reflects, "There?s a real link here ? TransLink is contributing to the war at home on people of colour and Aboriginal people ? and they?re also contributing to the war abroad on people of colour in Afghanistan and Haiti. We need to call TransLink on what they are doing ? contributing to the war at home and the war abroad- both acts of racism against oppressed communities".

The Bus Riders Union will continue to educate, organize and mobilize for the justice and dignity of bus riders because transit is a fundamental human right and necessary for the survival, livelihood and health of poor and working class communities. Notes Chan, "attacks on our communities just strengthen our resolve to continue organizing".

Media Contacts:
Zailda Chan - 604-215-2775
Jennifer Efting ? 604-255-4745

From: Phil Lyons


5. 2006 Slingshot Organizers - Order yours now!

please accept my apologies for the plethora of emails from me lately, this is truly a very busy and activated time! don't worry though, by the middle of this month life will begin to settle down a bit!

and for those of you who hardly ever hear from me... HI! )

this is a reminder that if you would like to have your Slingshot Organizer before the end of the year you must ORDER NOW! to make sure you get your Organizer quickly you can pay via PayPal. simply log in to PayPal and send your money to . You will need to add $1 for every $15 (or portion thereof) to cover PayPal costs. if ordering ths way please send us an email specifying your cover choices.


[Please forward!]

Slingshot Organizers are here!

Once again Black Cat offers you the best radical Organizer and daytimer available! Organize your life, your activism, your pleasure and your parties with these highly-informative books!

The 2006 Organizer comes in TWO SIZES!

The pocket version "classic" is a 160 page pocket planner (4.25 inches X 5.5 inches) with radical dates for every day of the year, space to write your phone numbers, a contact list of radical groups around the globe, menstrual calendar, info on police repression, extra note pages, plus much more. Choose from a world record 48 cover colors printed with either black or silver ink (depending on how dark the paper stock is - you get to pick the cover color, not the ink color).

The large-size version is bound with a spiral wire binding and is twice the size of the "classic" pocket organizer (5.5 inches X 8.5 inches) with twice as much space to write all the events in your life. It is 160 pages. It has similar contents to the classic: radical dates for every day of the year, space to write your phone numbers, a contact list of radical groups around the globe, menstrual calendar, info on police repression, extra note pages, plus much more. You also get some bonus stuff in the spiral version. The spiral version is available in 18 colors printed with either black or silver ink (depending on now dark the paper stock is).

Check out the cover colours at http://slingshot.tao.ca/organizer.php and when ordering please tell us your first and second choices.

Black Cat Distro is the official Canadian mail-order distributor!

Prices (all prices listed include postage)

Pocket-size Organizer
single copies - $9
2 copies - $17
3 copies - $26
4 copies - $34
5 copies - $40
10 copies - $75

Larger-size Organizer
single copies are $15
2 copies - $28
3 copies - $40
4 copies - $50
5 copies - $60
10 copies - $110

Canadian orders are payable in Cdn. dollars, U.S. orders are payable in U.S. dollars. For overseas orders please write us for a price quote.

To order, send a cheque or money order (an "International Money Order" if you're outside of Canada) or well-concealed cash to:

Black Cat Distro
P.O. Box 229
Roberts Creek, BC
V0N 2W0 Canada

From: david


6. Gear Up Solidarity ACTION

For the Hot Spring Of 2006

We?re fast approaching a crucial period in BC Union history. In 19 weeks, at midnight on March 31, contracts covering over 90% of BC?s public sector expire. Tens of thousands are coming out of three years of 0-0-0% to confront a provincial government wallowing in money?and willing (before the backlash) to ram through 15-22% raises for themselves.

This looming confrontation comes in the aftermath of increasingly bitter struggles, including the ferry workers? strike, the health care workers? walkout, the Vancouver truckers? strike, the vicious TELUS lockout and, above all, the teachers? strike.

The battle will also occur in the context of the corporate Liberals? continuing drive to destroy public services? education, health care, child protection, transportation, and environmental protection?either by handing them over to P3's or privatizing them outright. And the results? 2,500 teachers axed. 713 children?s? deaths ignored. 113 schools closed. 15% pay slash for the hospital workers. 0% for just about everyone else.

The Good

The string of defeats we have suffered since Campbell?s election may be coming to an end. Ferry workers got binding arbitration that gave the company a free hand to contract out, limited raises to 10% over seven years (0-0-0-2-2-3-3), and tied the union?s hands until after the 2010 Olympics. Hospital workers got strike-breaking legislation that cut wages 15% and enshrined the largest mass firing of women workers in Canada?s history.

But the teachers may have changed all that. We all owe the members of BCTF an enormous debt. In two short weeks their unity, courage, and commitment to democratic unionism accomplished a huge breakthrough:

It showed (again) that there is huge public support for strikes against Liberal attacks on public services;
It showed the Liberals? isolation, when crown prosecutors refused to criminally charge teachers;
It showed that unity is our ultimate weapon, powerful enough to hold even the courts at bay.

True, the strike?s outcome was, at best, a tie. At the cost of $500,000 in fines and two weeks on the line without strike pay, the BCTF only managed very partial wins. But blame for this lies not with teachers?it lies elsewhere.

The Bad

Teachers? solid determination to defend public education did not find much of an echo among BC Fed leaders. There were honourable exceptions?mostly CUPE and (much more weakly) BCGEU?but most Fed officers did everything to obstruct, contain and control this strike in its final days. They did not mobilize their members to join the CUPE walkouts and rallies on Friday, October 21, and even squashed planned sympathy walkouts. Nor did leaders of the Fed or of any other affiliate appear on stage with CUPE and BCTF at the rallies. And a whispering campaign in some unions during Thursday even spread rumours the CUPE actions had been called off.

They used the media to publicly pressure the BCTF by announcing Vince Ready?s proposals would be put to a membership vote?before teachers? leaders had said so.

With friends like these, who needs enemies? Once again, we?ve learned that until we elect leaderships committed to democratic, militant unionism, this cynical cycle of betrayal will continue, again and again.Despite all this, the teachers came out of their strike in better shape than the ferry workers or the HEU. Partly this was due to huge support from the general public and, especially, from their union sisters and brothers. But also it?s because they maintained control of their own struggle.

Teachers adopted a motion (inspired by the Solidarity Caucus) that they would not return to work until they had held mass membership meetings across BC and conducted a province-wide membership vote. And you know what? They weren?t even fined for it! The court-imposed fine only covered October 7 to 17, not October 18 to the October 24 return to work. BCTF unity created a relationship of forces that even the courts did not challenge.

And The Ugly...

Gordon Campbell has been seriously weakened by the teachers. It?s clear now that the BCTF strike could well be a prelude to a much larger and more decisive struggle next spring. Teachers have shown us all that we can win against this hated government in the streets. We?re not talking about driving the Liberals from office before the next election (nice as that might be), but of a much more immediate and realistic goal?defeating their legislative agenda and stopping their campaign of privatization, wage freezes and destruction of public services in its tracks.We can do this...if...

IF we can pull together a common front in the public sector with common demands, joint bargaining, grassroots member-to-member contact, and organizing?and a commitment from all unions not to meet with the Liberals separately, or negotiate separately, or settle separately....

IF we can tie our legitimate demands for improved wages, benefits, and working conditions together with a series of demands for the preservation of public services....

IF we can mobilize public support from one end of this province to the other in an aggressive strategy of outreach and alliances with every sector of the population being attacked by the Campbell government....

IF we can prepare for the certainty that a mass public sector strike will be declared illegal?by creating cross-union unity IN ACTION among public AND private sector unions and by building the public support necessary to win such a strike....

IF we reject the past conduct of the Fed leadership and organize a struggle based on education of our members in advance, on coordinated cross-union mobilization, and on democratic membership decision-making throughout....

If we meet these challenges, we can win. We have no illusions about how much change this requires, both in the Fed and within each of our affiliated unions. But it can be done?we only have to look at how teachers prepared and fought. And big as this change may be, it?s a far more realistic goal to set ourselves than the defeats, betrayals and divisions of the past.

From: Gene McGuckin


7. Live Coverage of WTO Ministerial

This is Thatcher Collins, a staff producer at KPFK FM Los Angeles. Next
month, I'll be producing live coverage of the WTO Ministerial in Hong Kong,
from the convention centre, along with reports from the streets and side
events. I'm making a special effort to reach out to Canadian community
radio stations. Since a lot of the stations I'm emailing are college radio
stations, you might consider using the WTO broadcast to fill in for people
in finals or on break. (Details below.)


When the World Trade Organization (WTO) meets in Hong Kong this December,
Pacifica stations will be offered coverage live from the Hong Kong
Convention Centre produced by two experienced WTO watchers (Anuradha Mittal
of the Oakland Institute and Thatcher Collins of KPFK Los Angeles). They
will host panel discussions and reports covering issues such as immigration,
factory workers, regulation of genetically-modified foods, international
environmental agreements like the Kyoto Protocol, agriculture trade (and the
effects on rural communities), the regulatory powers of local government,
adding new members like Saudi Arabia, licensing of AIDS drugs and flu
vaccines, and regional agreements like CAFTA. Moreover, the extraordinary
growth of the Chinese economy has made China a subject of debate, conjecture
and even blame. The Hong Kong police anticipate street protests. Among all
the important international trade and finance meetings (IMF, G7, FTAA), the
WTO ministerial is the only meeting with numerous recordable events and a
climax ending in agreement or collapse.

Well, in part, I'm hoping that my friends and family in British Columbia
might hear the broadcast. Back when I was living in Bellingham (WA), I did
a lot of Canadian coverage for Free Speech Radio News (FSRN), including
stories on softwood lumber, Native Youth Movement protests, union protests
in Victoria, and the G8 Summit in Calgary/Kananaskis. For my coverage of
the last two WTO Ministerials (Qatar and Canc?n), I included a fair number
of Canadian voices. At WTO meetings, Canadian officials are great sources
since they are in the thick of things yet not american nor european, plus
they tend to be more approachable and talkative than other governments-they
even remember me (unlike the US officials). Two weeks ago, I interviewed a
San Francisco based activist who is going to Hong Kong, but is from
Vancouver. In other words, you can expect a lot more Canada-related
coverage from this broadcast than you would from other radio productions
coming from US-based Pacifica. And if you know of any local radio
producers/reporters will are going to Hong Kong, we would serisouly consider
including their work in our broadcast.

Pacifica stations and affiliates can get this coverage over the KU band
satellite, but I'll be posting all of the coverage online too. But I could
distribute the coverage in other ways, since I'll be using ISDN to connect
to our satellite in Berekely. At the last WTO ministerial in Canc?n, I
helped the Council of Canadians distribute online radio programs for
community radio stations (the same system could be used, perhaps).


December 8-18: People's Action Week (alternative summit and protests)
December 9-10: independent media conference
December 13-18: WTO Ministerial Conference

Live over ISDN/Satellite
December 14th - 15 minute segment, taped, available online
December 16th - 7:05 AM to 8:00 AM PST (1 hour)
December 17th - 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM PST (1 hour)
December 18th - 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM PST (2 hours)

On Saturday and Sunday, to accommodate KPFK LA and KPFA Berkeley, I will
repeat that day's show immedaitely afterward, giving us this schedule in
California (PST):
Friday 7-8, Saturday 9-10, Sunday 9-11

Mp3 files and podcast:
More information:
Thatcher Collins, tcollins (at) kpfk.org, 818-383-4985 (mobile)

From: "Thatcher Collins"


8. concerning stan 'tookie' williams

November 16, 2005

For: Toronto Mayor David Miller
cc: Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty
cc: Honourable Prime Minister Paul Martin

Dear Mayor Miller, Premier McGuinty and
Prime Minister Martin:

I am writing on behalf of multicultural
Canadian supporters of Nobel Peace Prize
Nominee Stan 'Tookie' Williams regarding
his upcoming December 13th execution based
on what we believe is a wrongful conviction,
in the hopes you will consider joining Nobel
laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Oscar
winner Jamie Foxx in asking California
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to consider
granting clemency for Mr. Williams.

Stan 'Tookie' Williams is a former American
gang leader turned internationally renowned
author whose anti-gang and anti-drug children's
literature has proven to reduce youth gang
violence in cities such as Chicago whose
schools have incorporated Tookie's books into
their classroom lesson plans.

Considering your dedicated goal of eliminating
recent gang related violence in drastically
affected Canadian cities such as Toronto it
should be of immediate interest that over
150,000 American youth have testified to being
saved from gangs by Mr. Williams' personal
mentoring over the past decade, something which
youth in Canadian cities like Toronto will never
have the benefit of receiving if Mr. Williams
is executed next month.

In addition to correcting the wrongful conviction
cases of David Milgaard and Steven Truscott the
involvement of Canadians in the freeing of boxing
champion Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter and South African
President Nelson Mandela has proven our country's
government officials, citizens, teachers and
especially students have a track record of changing
history through peaceful means at home, in the US
and around the world.

Yet in the case of Stan 'Tookie' Williams it is not
even freedom that we are immediately seeking, it is
simply a clemency sentence of life without the
possibility of parole so Tookie can continue his
invaluable writing and mentoring work which has
been endorsed by members of the Chicago Public
Schools District, the American Library Association,
the Swiss Parliament and even by Deputy Newark Mayor
Ras Baraka and US President George W. Bush([search]) among

I am confident that as representatives of the City
of Toronto, the Province of Ontario and the people
of Canada you will be interested in helping us show
the international community that Canadians chose
mercy over revenge and redemption over condemnation
in late 2005 when Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Stan
'Tookie' Williams asked for our opinion and support.


Raoul S. Juneja a.k.a. Deejay Ra
Founder/Chair of 'Save Tookie' Canada Fund

Lyrical Knockout Entertainment
2002-2003 KESRI Award Recipient
holla (at) lyricalknockout.com

rom: "avtaar ra"


concentration of power is not a feminist principle.
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"The problem with the world is that the fanatics are always so certain of themselves, while wise people are so full of doubts."

Bertrand Russell


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