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Left Coast Events (pt ii) - Victoria & Islands - December 12th, 2005 PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Monday, 12 December 2005 04:20
Left Coast Events (pt ii) - Victoria & Islands - December 12th, 2005

1. Noah Kasper CD Release Party - Dec 18th
2. December 2005 HARP NOTES with Alison Vardy
3. Water Watch Coalition - Dec/Jan
3. Live Coverage of WTO Ministerial - Dec 13-18th
4. concerning stan 'tookie' williams - scheduled for execution dec 13th
5. Jaiya's West Coast Solstice Tour - Dec 14-20th
6. EcoNews Excerpts
7. Annual New Year's Day Poor People's Levee Tour - New Year's Day
9. Call for Candidates

contributions, considerations, concerns:

* i'm collecting letters, articles, photos, cartoons, etc. until the end of december for the next victoria street newz. feel free to write your thoughts and/or experiences with poverty and/or homelessness, and send it to streetnewz (at) islandnet.com. you can publish anonymously or with a pseudonym if you choose. happy holidays!

* sunday's tc front page reads "photographer of lennon's bed-in dies on a victoria sidewalk at 72", with a story about gerry and his busy last days. the following is compiled by chris cook:


* The Sound of Rat, presented by Theatre Inconnu, at Little Fernwood Hall through December. Info: 360-0234 or www.theatreinconnu.com

* From: Phil Lyons

A reminder: the next full meeting of those interested in belonging to the Coalition, especially those belonging to Unions, are invited to the meeting happening on Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 2 p.m. at the BCGEU office, 2994 Douglas Street. We will be reporting on the meeetings of the two sub-committees of the Coalition, determining the new name for the Coalition, reporting on our activiities on the municipal and VIHA fronts, and discussing possible stategies for the Federal election among other tings:>)

* From: "Jane P. Brett"

Wednesday Night Peace Vigils at the Legislature - 7:00 - 8:00 pm - Peace ambassadors are needed to greet international visitors and to respond to current world conflict issues (including disarmament, civilian casualties, nuclear terrorism). Bring your peaceful passion and share it with vigilers from around the world. In October, we will have been talking to Cohoe ferry passengers, other tourists and locals for 4 years. Come and witness with us the change in public opinion. Imagine: War Never Again. (477-1944 )

* From: Nadhia Sutara

CAFE SPIRITUALITY: Open Satsang: discussion, sharing, contemplation. Wednesdays at 7 pm at James Bay Coffee & Books, 143 Menzies (opposite Thrifty's). By donation or buy a coffee. Call 360-0052 or email cafespirituality (at) yahoo.ca

* Falun Dafa (meditation) at Fernwood Community Centre, 1240 Gladstone, Wednesdays, 5-7 pm. Also, Saturdays and Sundays, 10-noon, across from Beacon Hill petting zoo - all winter. Free, everyone welcome. 386-8805, faluninfo.net

* Engineers Without Borders meets Wednesday's 7:30pm in Cle D125. The meetings will generally be development discussion sessions, with the beginning reserved for planning chapter events. This month the theme of the development discussions is "make poverty history" and "development unraveled."

* The Victoria Folk Music Society offers live music every Sunday night at 7:30 pm, 1110 Hillside. Info: www.pacificcoast.net/~vfms

* Victoria's Food Not Bombs is searching for volunteers to help prepare, cook, and clean-up on Sundays. Serve your community, and eat good food. 383-5144 extension 1940.

* Inner City Aboriginal Society - http:.//members.shaw.ca/icas

* "Richard Sanders"

Election Issue: Canada DID Join Missile Defense

The results of my research on "missile defense" is contained in three lengthy issues of the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) magazine, Press for Conversion! The full text of these issues (totalling about 100,000 words!) is now available online:
Issue #57: "Canada's Role in so called 'Missile Defense,'
Part II: Sea-based, Theatre Ballistic Missile Defense"

* Do you know where the parties stand?


* From: "Rosa Mertens"


* From: "Len Walker"

Thankx for putting up that book review of Tsunami Journey in your news letter. We now have a website up and working and my public email address is : info (at) tsunamihaven.org. Here is the beginnings of our application to become a society....and also (if i can find it) some info on our projects. I am taking a couple of dentists and assistants and a few others who can afford the airfare to Sri Lanka in January/Feburary to continue helping with the reconstruction.

* From: "Rebecca Y., Care2 Action Alerts"

As the holidays approach, we at Care2 and ThePetitionSite are looking for meaningful ways to give and make a difference this season. Today, we'd like to tell you about a very special way you can make a world of difference to women in Ethiopia this holiday season through CHF (formerly the Canadian Hunger Foundation).

* From: "KillerCoke.org"

Learn the truth about The Coca-Cola Co. "We believe the evidence shows that Coca-Cola and its corporate network are rife with immorality, corruption and complicity in murder."
Campaign to Stop Killer Coke/Corporate Campaign, Inc. Director Ray Rogers
Visit www.KillerCoke.org

* From: "UBCIC Current Events"

UN Convention on Biological Diversity - Ad Hoc Open-ended Intersessional Working Group on Article 8(j) and related provisions of the Convention on Biological Diversity
23 - 27 January 2006 - Granada, Spain

* From: Eva Manly

Urgent Action: Captives in Iraq([search])

CFSC is keeping close watch on the harrowing situation facing the four men (including Quaker Tom Fox and two Canadians) who are being held captive in Iraq. At this time, the only request is for statements of support of CPT by organizations (CFSC is in the process of its own) and for people to sign a petition that asks for their release.
Follow this link to sign the petition: http://www.petitionspot.com/petitions/freethecpt

* From: "working TV"

new online @ working TV - http://www.workingtv.com/remember-me.html
REMEMBER ME - december 6 - National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence Against Women. A National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence Against Women
event, on Sunday December 4, 2005 at the Vancouver Public Library, organized
by Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter. Webcast produced with the generous support of the British Columbia Nurses' Union.

* From:

Take action now at http://www.democracyinaction.org/oca/campaign.jsp?campaign_KEY=1532

* From: angela bischoff

Below is a link for an excellent audio interview with Peter Breggin on the Nobody Show, WEOS 89.7FM Geneva, NY taped on 1/24/96:

(transcript at http://www.math.missouri.edu/~rich/psych/breggin.txt)

In this interview, he deals with the dangers of antidepressant drugs, ritalin, electro shock, the profession of psychiatry, as well as the profession's role in the Holocaust.

Peter Breggin is a doctor, teacher, therapist and author of many books including Toxic Psychiatry, The Antidepressant Fact Book, Your Drug May Be Your Problem, and Talking Back to Ritalin: What Doctors Aren't Telling You About Stimulants for Children.

Dr. Breggin argues that society is becoming increasingly dependent on prescription drugs to solve psychological and social problems, and that this move towards a biomedical model of treatment is a dangerous trend, disabling and damaging the brains of children and adults.

For more on Breggin's work see http://www.breggin.com/

* From: "Clarity Press, Inc."

by Francis A. Boyle
has been named a Reader's Club choice by Arab World Books for the month of November, 2005. http://www.claritypress.com

* From: Tate Hausman [mailto:tate (at) freerangegraphics.com]

Since we launched Grocery Store Wars this spring, the team here at Free Range has been hard at work on more funny movies and games. Here are the latest three:

Victoria's Dirty Secret

Have you always wanted to know what Victoria's real secret is? We found out, and its downright ugly - so we made up some new secrets for Vicky. Check 'em out...

Late Night with Conan the Barbarian

The Governator has two weeks to decide what to do about California's infamous youth prisons. See how Arnold really makes those tough political decisions.

Extreme Auto Makeover

Meet Cy, Pam and Phil, the Extreme Auto Makeover team that's could give us smart cars for the 21st century ... if Wendell the auto lobbyist doesn't get in the way ...

* From: "Delores Broten"

YOU are invited to become a member of the new Clean Air Clean Water Clean Paper Forum from Reach for Unbleached! This is the place to post news, questions, observations, opinions and information. Got a pulp and/or paper question? Post it on our Forum at http://www.rfu.org. Independent of industry or government, there?s no place else like it on the Net! You will be asked to register before you can post, because we need to prevent porn and hackers. This Pulp Info Centre Forum is for the use of all ? fish and water stewards, forest activists, industry management, workers, communities and First Nations. We know you all have good information to share: participate!


* last time i picked up the victoria street newz, at canadian freightways, i learned they have a collection of wooden palletes - you know, the flat wooden boards that fit onto fork lifts. they're used for shipping all sorts of things, and are apparently discarded rather than reused, though sometimes people can take them.

* From: Geneva Hagen

Have you heard that the provincial NDP have added Guaranteed Livable Income to their platform? As of last week. Now we need to get the federal NDP to follow suit. It's already part of the Green platform.

* From: "Cosmic Debris"

Please click on the following link to read our Special Christmas Issue:

* From: "WCWC Vic"

PLEASE sign the online petition at: http://www.bcoilslick.org/

* From: Larry Kazdan

HUMAN RIGHTS DAY - key facts

* From: GreenFacts Press

Genetically Modified Crops explained - We are regularly confronted with genetically modified foods, be it in the news or on our plates. In what way are GM crops different from conventional crops? What is known about their possible risks for human health or the environment?
GreenFacts asbl is an independent non-profit organization based in Brussels. It publishes, at www.greenfacts.org, faithful summaries of authoritative scientific consensus documents on environment and health matters, which are peer-reviewed by independent experts.

* From: Catherine Etmanski

Thanks to all of you who have been organizing around World AIDS Day ? so many great events happening in Victoria! I would like to share a few photos of the 8,000 crosses exhibit at UVic, and the Nov.21 film event last week:
Click on ?View Pictures? and then ?View as a Slide Show?.

* From: The Future of Food

What is the truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered
foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store shelves for the past
decade? Find out and take part in THE FUTURE OF FOOD!

To view the trailer visit:

For more information about the film, visit:


1. Noah Kasper CD Release Party

with The Ecclestons

Sunday Afternoon December 18th, 2005
at The Central Bar & Grill
708 View Street in Victoria

2 PM to 6 PM all ages gig, families welcome
Tickets: $5 at the door
For more information 250 339 4705

"Fresh from dead I managed to survive, if the liver fits wear it proudly"
Sunday Afternoon December 18th, 2005

Noah Kasper (multiple transplant recipient) was a young Victoria musician
who dreamed of releasing a CD of his original tunes. He was a good guitar
player, saxophone player and vocalist but he was an exceptional songwriter.
He died in March 2004 after almost five years of illness and suffering, just
before his 25th birthday. But throughout his illness Noah continued to work
with Lonny Koch of Trinity Sound in Victoria. Since Noah was unable to
finish the CD before he died his family and friends followed his detailed
instructions and finished it for him. All eleven songs are written and
performed by Noah and a twelve page booklet is included with the CD.

On Sunday Afternoon December 18th a CD Release Party will be held to
celebrate the long awaited release of Noah Kasper's CD "If The Liver Fits
Wear It". The Ecclestons will be featured at this all ages event (families
welcome) which will take place at the Central Bar & Grill at 708 View Street
in Victoria. The Ecclestons will play from 2 PM to 6 PM and tickets are $5
at the door. This CD Release Party will be a wonderful opportunity for all
those folks and their families who cared about Noah to get together and have
some fun. Many folks helped Noah to realize his dream of releasing a CD of
his original material and this is a chance to celebrate. The Ecclestons are
an uplifting Celtic band and are always very entertaining. See you there!
For more information please phone 250 339 4705.

Can't come to the CD release party, check out www.noahkasper.com to order
the CD by mail.
bobbie blue
bblue (at) islandnet.com
phone 250 339 4705

From: bobbie blue


2. December 2005 HARP NOTES with Alison Vardy

Retail Sales of Lever & Lap Harps

West Coast Harps is now alive and growing!
For details on new and used harps available visit:
www.westcoastharps.ca or www.westcoastharps.com

Yes! We are now importing lever and lap harps for you to sample and compare.
Currently we have Wm. Rees Instruments Harpsicles 26 and a Blevins Consort 34 in stock.
Other models can be ordered through us at competitive prices.

Another Era Luthier 36 and 32 string lever harps will be arriving in the new year.
As will Sharpsicles

We also handle consignment sales of used harps.
All instruments will be listed on our website with photos and specs as they arrive.


Victoria, BC

For further details go to:

Monday December 12 - House Concert, Esquimalt 7:30 pm hosted by Pondside Music -
Tickets $12 - Reservations at 361.1830 (Juliana) or 598.6679 (Alison)

December 15 - Bastion Square, Victoria, BC - Celtic Christmas Concert

December 3/4 and 17/18 - Streetside Events, Victoria, BC



Easy to purchase on-line and we pay postage anywhere in the world!
We ship the same day you order.
You can sample all the tracks first and then purchase from these pages on Alison's website:

Island Suite (2003) - 50% Alison's compositions + traditional music from the British Isles, Ireland, France,
Macedonia, Greece, Spain and Eastern Canada (Quebec, Cape Breton) all arranged by Alison for solo harp.
74 minutes of delightful variety.

Apasionada (2000) - 50% Alison's compositions + traditional music from South America, Israel,
the British Isles, France, Spain and Macedonia arranged by Alison for.
65 minutes of international audio tasting.

Harping On (1997) - A more traditional smorgasbord of harp music from Ireland, Scotland, Wales,
England, South & North America, plus 4 of Alison's compositions.
58 minutes of relaxation.


Please pass on this Harp Notes Newsletter to anyone think may be interested.
Thanks for your interest
Best wishes
Alison Vardy
mailto:alison (at) alisonvardy.com

Alison Vardy, Harpist - 1722 Carrick Street, VICTORIA BC V8R 2M2 CANADA

From: Alison Vardy


3. Water Watch Coalition

Please mark your calendars with the following upcoming meetings and events:

1. Campbell River Water Watch asks City Council to cancel contract to privatize water sampling and monitoring - Monday December 12th, 7:30pm
2. Next meeting Victoria Water Watch Coalition - Tuesday December 13th,
7:00 pm, UVIC SUB 025
3. Next meeting of Comox Valley Water Watch Coalition - Wednesday December 14th, 5:00 pm, 5511 Island Highway
4. Comox Valley Water Watch holds Town Hall meeting - January 17th,

1. Come out and support the Campbell River Water Watch Coalition Monday December 12th, 2005 at 7:30pm as they present to City Council.

Coalition members will be asking council to build on a motion passed by the previous council in November 2005 (see below).

the CRWWC will request that, in light of the below motion, the City cancel the process to contract out the city's water sampling and management, as it is clearly a form of water privatization, and that the responsibilities be kept in the hands of public workers.
WHEREAS management of Campbell River water services has been carried out by municipal/city workers for 30 years;
WHEREAS contracting out of water services is a form of privatization;
WHEREAS public water is a right not a commodity;
THEREFORE, be it resolved that any proposal regarding privatization of a public utility be decided by a vote of Council, and that public notification be required.
All are welcome!
2. The next meeting Victoria Water Watch Coalition will be held Tuesday December 13th, 7:00 pm, at the University of Victoria Student Union Building room 025. All are welcome to attend!

We will be discussing The purpose of the Greater Victoria Water Watch Coalition, the long term and short term goals of the Coalition, the Make-up of the Steering Committee, and ideas for new Working Groups. As well, we will start planning events leading up to World Water Day, March 22, 2006.
3. The Comox Valley Water Watch Coalition will be meeting on Wednesday December 14th, 5:00pm to begin planning for the January 17th Town Hall meeting. All are welcome! Please contact Leslie at ldickout (at) cupe.bc.ca for more information.
4. The Comox Valley Water Watch Coalition will be holding a public Town Hall meeting on Tuesday January 17th, 2006. The event will be held at the Union Bay Hall, and will provide residents of the Comox Valley, as well and interested and concerned citizens

from across the island the opportunity to learn more about the risks of water privatization, and the implications of the Kensington Island Properties development proposal. Other topics that will be discussed include Smart Growth, and sustainability planning. Guest Speakers to include Guy Dauncey, author, speaker and consultant who specializes in developing a positive vision of a sustainable future, and translating that vision into action.


Co-ordinator, Island Water Watch Campaign, Canadian Union of Public Employees, BC Division


ldickout (at) cupe.bc.ca
Island-WaterWatch mailing list Island-WaterWatch (at) lists.cupe.ca http://grace.cupe.ca/mailman/listinfo/island-waterwatch

From: Phil Lyons


4. Live Coverage of WTO Ministerial

This is Thatcher Collins, a staff producer at KPFK FM Los Angeles. Next
month, I'll be producing live coverage of the WTO Ministerial in Hong Kong,
from the convention centre, along with reports from the streets and side
events. I'm making a special effort to reach out to Canadian community
radio stations. Since a lot of the stations I'm emailing are college radio
stations, you might consider using the WTO broadcast to fill in for people
in finals or on break. (Details below.)


When the World Trade Organization (WTO) meets in Hong Kong this December,
Pacifica stations will be offered coverage live from the Hong Kong
Convention Centre produced by two experienced WTO watchers (Anuradha Mittal
of the Oakland Institute and Thatcher Collins of KPFK Los Angeles). They
will host panel discussions and reports covering issues such as immigration,
factory workers, regulation of genetically-modified foods, international
environmental agreements like the Kyoto Protocol, agriculture trade (and the
effects on rural communities), the regulatory powers of local government,
adding new members like Saudi Arabia, licensing of AIDS drugs and flu
vaccines, and regional agreements like CAFTA. Moreover, the extraordinary
growth of the Chinese economy has made China a subject of debate, conjecture
and even blame. The Hong Kong police([search]) anticipate street protests. Among all
the important international trade and finance meetings (IMF, G7, FTAA), the
WTO ministerial is the only meeting with numerous recordable events and a
climax ending in agreement or collapse.

Well, in part, I'm hoping that my friends and family in British Columbia
might hear the broadcast. Back when I was living in Bellingham (WA), I did
a lot of Canadian coverage for Free Speech Radio News (FSRN), including
stories on softwood lumber, Native Youth Movement protests, union protests
in Victoria, and the G8 Summit in Calgary/Kananaskis. For my coverage of
the last two WTO Ministerials (Qatar and Canc?n), I included a fair number
of Canadian voices. At WTO meetings, Canadian officials are great sources
since they are in the thick of things yet not american nor european, plus
they tend to be more approachable and talkative than other governments-they
even remember me (unlike the US officials). Two weeks ago, I interviewed a
San Francisco based activist who is going to Hong Kong, but is from
Vancouver. In other words, you can expect a lot more Canada-related
coverage from this broadcast than you would from other radio productions
coming from US-based Pacifica. And if you know of any local radio
producers/reporters will are going to Hong Kong, we would serisouly consider
including their work in our broadcast.

Pacifica stations and affiliates can get this coverage over the KU band
satellite, but I'll be posting all of the coverage online too. But I could
distribute the coverage in other ways, since I'll be using ISDN to connect
to our satellite in Berekely. At the last WTO ministerial in Canc?n, I
helped the Council of Canadians distribute online radio programs for
community radio stations (the same system could be used, perhaps).


December 8-18: People's Action Week (alternative summit and protests)
December 9-10: independent media conference
December 13-18: WTO Ministerial Conference

Live over ISDN/Satellite
December 14th - 15 minute segment, taped, available online
December 16th - 7:05 AM to 8:00 AM PST (1 hour)
December 17th - 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM PST (1 hour)
December 18th - 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM PST (2 hours)

On Saturday and Sunday, to accommodate KPFK LA and KPFA Berkeley, I will
repeat that day's show immedaitely afterward, giving us this schedule in
California (PST):
Friday 7-8, Saturday 9-10, Sunday 9-11

Mp3 files and podcast:
More information:
Thatcher Collins, tcollins (at) kpfk.org, 818-383-4985 (mobile)

From: "Thatcher Collins"


4. concerning stan 'tookie' williams

November 16, 2005

For: Toronto Mayor David Miller
cc: Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty
cc: Honourable Prime Minister Paul Martin

Dear Mayor Miller, Premier McGuinty and
Prime Minister Martin:

I am writing on behalf of multicultural
Canadian supporters of Nobel Peace Prize
Nominee Stan 'Tookie' Williams regarding
his upcoming December 13th execution based
on what we believe is a wrongful conviction,
in the hopes you will consider joining Nobel
laureate Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Oscar
winner Jamie Foxx in asking California
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to consider
granting clemency for Mr. Williams.

Stan 'Tookie' Williams is a former American
gang leader turned internationally renowned
author whose anti-gang and anti-drug children's
literature has proven to reduce youth gang
violence in cities such as Chicago whose
schools have incorporated Tookie's books into
their classroom lesson plans.

Considering your dedicated goal of eliminating
recent gang related violence in drastically
affected Canadian cities such as Toronto it
should be of immediate interest that over
150,000 American youth have testified to being
saved from gangs by Mr. Williams' personal
mentoring over the past decade, something which
youth in Canadian cities like Toronto will never
have the benefit of receiving if Mr. Williams
is executed next month.

In addition to correcting the wrongful conviction
cases of David Milgaard and Steven Truscott the
involvement of Canadians in the freeing of boxing
champion Rubin 'Hurricane' Carter and South African
President Nelson Mandela has proven our country's
government officials, citizens, teachers and
especially students have a track record of changing
history through peaceful means at home, in the US
and around the world.

Yet in the case of Stan 'Tookie' Williams it is not
even freedom that we are immediately seeking, it is
simply a clemency sentence of life without the
possibility of parole so Tookie can continue his
invaluable writing and mentoring work which has
been endorsed by members of the Chicago Public
Schools District, the American Library Association,
the Swiss Parliament and even by Deputy Newark Mayor
Ras Baraka and US President George W. Bush([search]) among

I am confident that as representatives of the City
of Toronto, the Province of Ontario and the people
of Canada you will be interested in helping us show
the international community that Canadians chose
mercy over revenge and redemption over condemnation
in late 2005 when Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Stan
'Tookie' Williams asked for our opinion and support.


Raoul S. Juneja a.k.a. Deejay Ra
Founder/Chair of 'Save Tookie' Canada Fund

Lyrical Knockout Entertainment
2002-2003 KESRI Award Recipient
holla (at) lyricalknockout.com

rom: "avtaar ra"


5. Jaiya's West Coast Solstice Tour

Light returns to the west coast

Celtic-fusion trio, Jaiya brings their unique sound to Victoria, Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands with their West Coast Solstice Tour beginning December 8. Come and celebrate in an evening of music, poetry, story and ritual with renditions from their Yule CD Firedance: Songs for Winter Solstice. Jaiya?s Miranda Brown, Lael Whitehead and Kim Darwin bring together strong backgrounds in Classical, Jazz, Celtic and Folk Music and hail from Mayne Island. They will close each evening with a special candlelit Solstice ritual for the audience.

Tour Dates:
December 8 - Salt Spring Island, All Saints by the Sea Anglican Church
December 11 - Vancouver, St. Mark?s Anglican Church
December 14 - Victoria, Fairfield United Church
December 15 - Duncan, Duncan Garage Showroom
December 17 - Saturna Island, Saturna Community Hall
December 20 - Pender Island, The Pender Community Hall

Tickets are just $15 at the door, $10 students/seniors, Kids under 12 free. Show time is 7:30pm, in Duncan at 8:00pm

For more information and to hear music visit www.jaiya.ca

Deirdre Rowland
Media Contact: Jaiya
250-653-9387 Office
778-888-9974 Mobile
media (at) cmepublicity.com

From: Deirdre Rowland


6. EcoNews Excerpts

Mon 12 - Sat 17 Massage for Africa. Participating Registered Massage Therapists will donate $5 from each massage to the African Touch Education Fund Society, and invite clients to match their donation. Funds will be used to train blind students from the residential slum of Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya, and provide them with tools and support to build their own practices.
Yvonne B. Poulin, RMT, (250) 813-2264 travelceltic (at) yahoo.ca http://www.africantouch.org

Tues 13, 7:30pm VNHS Natural History Member's Night. Did you go on any trips this year? Tell us about your adventures and dazzle us with your pictures. Call Ed Pellizzon 881-1476. UVic Fraser 159.

Wed 14, 7pm Habitat Acquisition Trust (HAT) Annual General Meeting, Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary. Come hear about our accomplishments in 2004-05 and our directions for 2005-06. All welcome. (250) 995-2428 http://www.hat.bc.ca

Sat 17 Victoria Christmas Bird Count. Contact Ann Nightingale 652-6450 motmot (at) shaw.ca

Fri 30, 7pm EcoNews New Year's Celebration and Potluck Dessert Mailout Party. Bring a friend! 395 Conway Road (Off Interurban, just after Camosun College). http://www.earthfuture.com/gardenpath/map.htm Guy, 881-1304

EcoNews, 395 Conway Rd, Victoria, B.C. V9E 2B9 Tel/Fax (250) 881-1304
guydauncey (at) earthfuture.com
Deadline for January issue: Dec 24th

"Unless someone like you cares a whole lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not."
The Lorax (Dr. Seuss)


7. Annual New Year's Day Poor People's Levee Tour

Somewhere someone said to build community, amongst other things, start a
tradition. Well we did that with the Annual New Year's Day Poor People's
Levee Tour.

Every year since 1997 the Poor Folks of Victoria have toured
the various New Year's Day Levees(receptions by various mayors and the
Lieutenant Governor) to begin the year. All the public are welcome and we
remind the public that poverty has yet to take a day off. Thanks to area
unions we've been able to rent a bus for the past couple of years and that's
made it even more fun.

So bring your singing voice, your appetite and your sense of humour to
Victoria City Hall 9:00 AM on New Year's Day.

Art Farquharson for
The Together Against Poverty Society

From: "Salmonberries"


thanks to Values-Based Business Network for providing this:


Alan Lowe
Tuesday, December 6, 2005
City of Victoria Council Chambers
2:00 p.m.

Good afternoon. I am honoured to have been re-elected for a third consecutive term as
your Mayor. The last Mayor to have been re-elected for a third consecutive term was
Percy Scurrah in 1960 when the terms were only two years in length. I thank you for
your confidence and trust.

I would like to first recognize the Minister of Community Services, the Honorable Ida
Chong, for taking time out of her busy schedule to join us today. As the Minister
responsible for local government, she will be a significant partner and ally as we continue
to address emerging challenges at the municipal level, and we look forward to working
closely with her. I know she has a cabinet meeting at 3:00 and may have to leave early.
Thank you Minister Chong for joining us.

Over the past six years Council has listened and worked hard on behalf of its citizens and
I look forward to carrying on with, and completing, many of the initiatives that we have

Much of this work is not visible to those we serve but it is intrinsic to good government
and a healthy democracy. Public consultation, relationship-building with senior
governments, information gathering - all of these activities inform our decision-making
and are necessary steps on the road to delivering effective public services.

Before outlining my personal vision for the next three years I would first like to thank
outgoing Councillor Denise Savoie for her hard work and contributions over the past six
years. Your passion for the environment and advocacy on behalf of your community has
not gone unnoticed, and we wish you well in your future endeavours.

I would also like to acknowledge former Councillor Rob Fleming, our new MLA for
Victoria Hillside. I had the privilege of working with Councillor Fleming on many
initiatives throughout his 5 1/2years on Council and I look forward to continuing that
successful collaboration.

I am pleased that each of the incumbent Councillors have been re-elected for another
term. I have enjoyed working with you all over the past three years and I look forward to
the same productive working relationship over the next three years.

It is also my pleasure to welcome back Councillor Geoff Young after a six-year absence
and to extend a warm welcome to our rookie Councillor Sonya Chandler. You could say
that she is green in more ways than one!

Congratulations to all of you on your successful campaigns.

The next three years will be very exciting. My youngest son, now 15, just finished a
school project on the Civil Rights Movement. Part of his project included Martin Luther
King's famous quote, "I have a dream."

Today, I think we can say that we all have a dream. We have a dream to make Victoria
the most livable city in Canada. So what does that mean?

It means a City that is safe and vibrant, a city that is economically strong, a city that looks
after its most vulnerable citizens, a city that is green and sustainable, a city that supports
its arts and cultural communities and a city that offers an enviable quality of life.

As a Council and as a City we must focus on attracting investment and supporting local
businesses while continuing to address the social challenges of a modem urban centre.
While progress may appear to be slow at times, I believe our downtown is moving in the
right direction.

One of the significant observations that emerged from the Downtown 2020 conference
was that we cannot rely on the residents of outlying municipalities to support our
downtown retailers. We must create our own residential base downtown to support these
businesses while also encouraging other residents to visit the core.

With this goal in mind, City Council has supported the creation of housing in and around
the downtown and we are finally seeing the fruits of our labour.

With a larger downtown residential community starting to take shape, we must now focus
on providing amenities to those that live and work downtown.

We must enhance our waterfront walkways, we must create new plazas and pocket parks,
and we must create greenway connections. These are amenities that we would like to
have, but are seldom funded because of competing priorities.

In order to turn these ideas into actions, we must work closely with the development
industry to determine how we can pay for these amenities. Today, I will be striking a
Task Force with the Urban Development Institute to review how other Cities have
implemented Development Cost Charges to pay for much needed infrastructure to offer a
better quality of life to their residents. And I will personally be working with three
members of the UDI, a member of the Downtown Resident's Association, and staff to
bring back recommendations to City Council within 6 months.

Since the opening of the Save-on-Foods Memorial Centre in March of this year, over
600,000 people have attended events in the new facility. The 2005 Ford World Men's
Curling Championships was a huge success, generating over $20 million of economic
benefit to the City. Skate Canada is returning to our City next year and we look forward
to the announcement of other concerts and sporting events in the coming year.

This facility has created a synergy in the north end of downtown that we have never seen
before in Victoria. On event nights, the downtown restaurants, bars and hotels are
bustling and the parking problems foreseen by critics of the project are non-existent.

The building has also been a catalyst for economic development in the north end of our
downtown core. I have heard of at least five large projects being contemplated within
three blocks of this facility, and I believe that this is only the beginning of a renaissance
in the north end of the city.

The former Bay department store has always been a bookend to the former Eaton's store
to the south. This was our downtown strip. With the Bay Centre, the financial district,
the tourists around the causeway and the new residential community in the Humboldt
Valley, the south end of our downtown core has been anchored.

We need the same type of excitement in the north. We are no longer talking about just a
department store, but an entire precinct to enliven the north end of our downtown core.

What do we see today? A few one storey retail businesses along Douglas Street, some
surface parking lots, a few light industrial uses and a barren area in the evenings and

What is my vision? I envision multi-use buildings, higher densities due to its proximity
to downtown, public spaces where people want to meet, a new residential community
like Harris Green, a playground for children, restaurants and cafes, and a new learning
centre anchored by a new central library, educational and recreational services. This area
will be a close neighbour to a revitalized Rock Bay district and create a natural loop back
into old town.

I believe that Victoria's future prosperity will be directly linked with our ability to
effectively respond to the social challenges which afflict too many of our citizens.

City Council has set the framework for implementing our Hann Reduction Strategy. The
four independent components of our strategy are prevention, treatment, enforcement, and
housing. Although I am an advocate for a safe consumption site in our city, I believe that
our most urgent need is treatment facilities.

We need more detox beds immediately so that those wishing to tackle their addictions
can receive the professional help they need within a stable living environment. I view
this as a critical social priority for our community and we will continue to work in
partnership with the Vancouver Island Health Authority to ensure that health dollars are
allocated where they are needed most in our region.

Over the past three years, I have visited safe injection sites in Vancouver and in Europe.We have learned, and can benefit, from the experiences of other cities to create a made-
in-Victoria solution. We have consulted with downtown service providers, we have met
with the Downtown Victoria Business Association, Chamber of Commerce, and Tourism
Victoria, and we have sought feedback from various community groups.

In all cases, I believe there is increasing awareness and understanding about the benefits
of establishing a safe consumption site in our City that is integrated with other social
services, housing and medical care.

With this in mind, the City will work closely with VIHA in the new year to seek an
exemption under the Canada Health Act to allow us to establish a safe consumption site
in Victoria. Complex issues require thoughtful responses and I am confident that the
community dialogue that has taken place to date has laid a strong foundation upon which
we can now take action. We will continue the community dialogue and seek public input
as we further develop a made-in Victoria model.

With these facilities and services in place, we need to start taking back our streets. The
streets and parks are for everybody to enjoy, not just for the few to congregate. There
needs to be a balance between creating a healthy downtown business environment and
supporting our most vulnerable citizens.

As a community, we cannot afford to work at cross purposes. We must work together.
Most recently we have been challenged to act on this principle with the relocation of the
Open Door to the 700 block of Johnson Street. The Open Door and Upper Room, now
known as "Our Place," have been working with the City, the police, the Downtown
Business Association, and local business and property owners to create a Good
Neighbour Policy that will assist businesses and social services to successfully co-exist
in the same neighbourhood. We thank the business community for rising to this
challenge and we will continue to build on the good work that has been started.

I am pleased that the Premier will be continuing with his Task Force on Homelessness,
Drug Addiction, and Mental Illness. As a member of the Task Force, I was able to secure
$7.3 million for the redevelopment of the Open Door and Upper Room. These new,
purpose-built facilities will offer enhanced services to those in need, which will benefit
both their clientele and our community.

Communities are built one home at a time.

Too many residents in our community cannot afford a home of their own.

Municipal government can, and should, play an active role in providing affordable

Over the next three years I intend to build on the work which has already been done by
Council-work which has led to the creation of two affordable housing trust funds-to
provide more people with more stable housing.

We need to think creatively. We need to look at various ways to leverage our municipal
tax dollars with other sources of funding to increase our supply of affordable housing.

Every citizen deserves a safe, dry place to call home. We do not always have to build
new! We need to utilize vacant space and existing buildings to expand affordable
housing units and to attract more mixed development projects like Dockside Green where
a minimum percentage of units are set aside for affordable housing ... the City has a role
to play and I will ensure that we continue to play our part.

During our recent discussions with community organizations and residents about future
planning for recreational and neighbourhood services, they told us how much they value
their community centres. They value the family they have created at the centres, the
proximity of the centres to their homes - many within walking distance, and the
programs, services, and volunteer support they can access in the centres.
We must now invest in the necessary repairs and additions required to enhance the
services that already exist. Council is not going to close down community and senior's
centres, as some would lead you to believe. Instead, we intend to work with our
neighbourhoods to see how we can enhance these assets for their benefit and the
community at large.

Sewage treatment has been an issue that our City has been debating for decades. It is
time to move forward and request senior levels of government to come to the table and
assist us in funding a secondary treatment facility. Although this is a regional issue, the
City of Victoria has been at the forefront with respect to negative publicity about our
regional sewage treatment practices. Our tourism industry has also been threatened by
this negative publicity.

Federal Environment Minister Stephan Dion was in Victoria 6 months ago and stated
clearly that he would be requiring all cities in Canada to provide at least secondary
sewage treatment.

In the past two years, St. Johns and Halifax have both received federal dollars for their
sewage treatment facilities and I believe the time has come for Victoria to request our
share of federal dollars for the same purpose. With support from the other levels of
government and new technology now available, sewage treatment can be affordable for
our community. Currently, the CRD is setting aside land in the event that Provincial
protocols require us to implement a formal treatment plan. As a region we need to
clearly articulate our plan and what it will cost. I will be scheduling a meeting with Barry
Penner, the Provincial Environment Minister, in the new year to discuss how we can
move forward together. I will also be approaching the federal government as soon as we
have a new government elected.

Intergovernmental cooperation and support is essential for us to accomplish the goals we
have set for our City. For the past eight months, we have been working intensely with
the federal and provincial governments to prepare a Victoria Urban Development
Agreement to help focus government attention on our community priorities.

The development of the Agreement has depended upon significant community input and
dialogue with representatives from the business community, environmental groups, social
service agencies, neighbourhood associations, community centres, the faith community,
Aboriginal representatives and groups, and all levels of government including the CRD.
More than 700 people have helped to create an action plan to move forward. The Urban
Development Agreement should be signed in the new year, enshrining a new working
relationship with senior levels of government and attracting resources to assist us in
meeting our economic, social and environmental priorities.

Creating an enviable quality of life requires many things, including the existence of a
vibrant arts and cultural sector. Council has, over the past two terms, followed through
with its five year commitment to increase arts funding. The arts community deserves
stable funding, and our community benefits from the wealth of artistic offerings which
this funding enables. Victoria's commitment to arts and culture has been formally
recognized with our city being named a Cultural Capital of Canada this year, receiving
almost $500,000 in direct federal funding for local arts and cultural programs.

So over the next three years, what would I like to see?

I would like to see unprecedented growth in the north end of our downtown core,
the completion of a new community centre at Burnside Gorge,
the completion of the "Our Place" project,
the opening of a contact centre in Victoria complete with a safe consumption site integrated with other services,
an addition to our conference centre completed,
the City sign an Urban Development Agreement which will enable new money to flow into our community to fund economic, social and environmental priorities and which will provide for a new working relationship with senior levels of government,
the completion of an updated Downtown Plan and updated neighbourhood plans,
a move towards green and sustainable projects,
making a secondary sewage treatment facility in Victoria a reality,
Victoria's new affordable housing trust fund leveraged with dollars from senior levels of government, the private and non-profit sectors to build much needed affordable housing in our community,
a revitalized network of recreation, community and neighbourhood centres, and
the approval of a new downtown learning centre anchored by a new downtown library.

In many instances the priorities I have identified represent another step forward on a journey that began three years ago.

In other cases, these priorities reflect more recent deliberations and emerging needs.

Collectively, they comprise an ambitious agenda which will guide the work of Council over the next three years.

I look forward to working with my Council colleagues to achieve these goals. To be
successful in securing Victoria's reputation as the most livable city in Canada I will need
the support of both staff and Council.

Thank You.
Alan Lowe

From: "Values-Based Business Network"


9. Call for Candidates

The time has come to get serious about putting up a CAP candidate in Victoria, Esquimalt-Juan de Fuca and Saanich and the Islands. We have until Jan 2nd to collect the 100 signatures and identify an agent and auditor in each riding. In 2004 I did it in Victoria. It was a lot of hard work and fun and cost me less than $1,000 but at 81 I am no longer a credible candidate.
I believe it is necessary to run candidates because no other voice will speak in defence of Canada on the primary issues of staying out of Fortress America and Fiscal Policy Reform. All the other so called primary issues are derivatives of those first two.
Catherine Whelan Costen has tagged the NDP for its lack of guts. see below.
The Conservatives (overtly) and the Liberals (covertly) are pushing the North American Union concept.

Do you know anyone who has the moxie to stand up for Canada in our three local ridings.
Let me know and we will organise help.

Derek Skinner

Canadian Action Party gets to the heart of election issues

From: Derek Skinner


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