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Sunday, 17 July 2005 05:30
Who's Karl Rove?

PEJ News
- Dr. F.H. Knelman - The Bush administration has been caught in a number of lies and deceptions used to legitimize their invasion of Iraq. This task has been largely orchestrated by Bush's major adviser, Karl Rove.

The Bush administration has been caught in a number of lies and deceptions used to legitimize their invasion of Iraq. This task has been largely orchestrated by Bush's major adviser, Karl Rove.

F.H. Knelman, Ph.D.

Karl Rove is the literary equivalent of the evil genius. A master of dirty tricks, he is the major insider adviser to George W. Bush. Currently in the news, having leaked the name of a CIA officer, the ex-wife of a former American Ambassador critical of Bush?s foreign policy. Ambassador Joseph Wilson was the person to put the lie to the Bush claim that Iraq had ordered uranium from Niger. The falsity was used repeatedly by Bush and Cheney to justify the invasion of Iraq. Wilson described his fact-finding trip to Niger in an article printed by The New York Times. In 2003 ultra-conservative Robert Novak reported that Wilson?s ex-wife, Valerie Plame, was a CIA agent, which destroyed her cover. How Novak was able to keep his source secret is a mystery. ,Ambassador Wilson accused Karl Rove of this treasonous act. Last September the Justice Department launched an investigation into this affair, which is still ongoing. While Bush?s initial response was that it was ?ridiculous? to believe Karl Rove was involved, by mid-July, 2005 he was taking a very cautionary position.

The history of Karl Rove goes back to Bush?s campaign and election as the Governor of Texas. It is revealing that Bush?s nickname for Rove was ?turd blossom?. At least the first word of this is appropriate. It was Rove who transformed Bush from a ?rich-dilettante wastrel with power? (internet ?U.S. Officials?) in 1994 to his successful run for Governor of Texas. According to ABC News, more than half of the campaign?s nearly $1 million budget went to Rove for his dirty tricks program.

As for John McCain, who ran against Bush for president in 2000, Rove conducted an incredible sleaze campaign, including (1) McCain was a stoolie while imprisoned in Viet Nam; (2) McCain has fathered an illegitimate black daughter, which was proven by photographers (McCain had actually adopted a black child).

Bush consults Rove on virtually everything that happens in the White House Oval Office. As for the invasion of Iraq, Rove told Bob Woodward, ?the victor is always right?, (Heil Hitler). This is not unlike the Condoleezza Rice version, ?the war came to us?. CNN, May 15, 2005. Possibly an appropriate nickname for Ms. Rice would be ?turd Dahlia?. Rove?s dirty tricks achieved new heights in the Texas governor race of Bush versus Anne Richards, when he asked if people knew her staff was dominated by lesbians (Julian Berger, The Guardian, March 9, 2004).

Rove was responsible for the Bush policy of ?run on the war? and ?run on terror?. Earlier, John W. Dean, who was in Nixon?s cabinet, described Rove as ?He?s Halderman and Erlichman all in one?, John Dean, (?Worse Than Watergate?, (New York: Little, Brown, 2001, p. 10). As Dean describes Rove?s role, ?Watch obsessive secrecy, hidden agendas and hard-nosed presidential politics?, (p. 27, ibid.). The marriage of Karl Rove and George W. Bush is a marriage made in hell. When you add Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld to the mix it is closer to neo-fascist, Anerican-style, than neo-Con. As Machiavelli put it - ?The adviser to the prince must make certain his advice comes true?.) This is the role of Karl Rove and he will use every trick in his large bag of tricks to create a self-fulfilling situation. All one needs is a gullible public. No dirty trick is excluded. That?s Karl Rove. He feeds on the excessive loyalty of the American public. Hopefully they appear to be questioning the Bush administration much more recently. The polls must cast a pall on the White House. The pressure on Karl Rove to deliver will increase proportionately.
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