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Caldicott: Say NO to the US Nuclear Bomb Factory PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Saturday, 08 May 2004 13:11

I am writing to you about the new United States nuclear bomb factory, and to ask you to <http://en.groundspring.org/en/go?j=1212539&u=3416> sign a pledge opposing the launch of a new nuclear arms race. Despite the end of the Cold War, the Secretary of Energy has this year asked Congress to approve $30 million dollars to fund the construction of a new nuclear bomb factory, which will produce up to 500 new nuclear bombs each year -- a request that Rep. David Hobson (R-OH) called "completely out of touch" at a Congressional hearing last week in Washington, D.C.

Say NO to the U.S. Bomb Factory

Dear Friends:

The U.S. still has more than 10,000 nuclear warheads in storage, 3,000 in submarines patrolling the world's oceans and 2,500 o­n hair trigger alert that can be launched within three minutes by the President. U.S. policymakers are funding increased spending levels for new weapons research -- more than during the height of the Cold War.

The U.S. has enough nuclear bombs to destroy life o­n earth many times over. What possible rationale do we have to build more?

These policymakers represent you. During an election year, we should be telling our representatives that new nuclear weapons make us all more vulnerable -- not more safe ? to nuclear accidents or terrorist attacks.

The Nuclear Policy Research Institute is working with a broad coalition of people to stop this nuclear bomb factory in its tracks. But we must act quickly.

What You Can Do Today.

Sign o­n to the <http://en.groundspring.org/en/go?j=1212539&u=3417> Pledge Opposing the New Nuclear Arms Race, and ask your family and friends to sign too. Your message will be delivered to the White House. During the next few months, we will e-mail you periodically with updates about how you can take action to prevent the development and use of nuclear weapons. Together, we can build consensus and visibility for a nuclear-free future.

Visit our website to learn more about how to fight the U.S. bomb factory and stop the new nuclear arms race. <http://en.groundspring.org/en/go?j=1212539&u=3418> Cl<http://en.groundspring.org/en/go?j=1212539&u=3419>ick here<http://en.groundspring.org/en/go?j=1212539&u=3420> or visit <http://en.groundspring.org/en/go?j=1212539&u=3421> http://www.nuclearpolicy.org/bombfactory.cfm.

With warm regards,

Helen Caldicott, MD

Please visit NPRI's website at:



Last Updated on Saturday, 08 May 2004 13:11

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