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Tits on a Bull: Necessary Desecration PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Saturday, 04 June 2005 06:00

Tits on a Bull: Necessary Desecration

PEJ News - More ridiculous than the pyrotechnical vivisection of human beings consigned to infernos of blazing steel shards; more nuts than the deliberate irradiation of the fertile delta (mother to modern civilization); more blasphemous than than the desecration of the Holy Word, is the debasement made visible through cunningly dampened, scanty slips and tops (the kind favoured especially by well-endowed "Hollywood" harlots) made daily apparent to our children on television and in the cinema. -{lex}


Tits on a Bull:
The Necessary Desecration
C. L. Cook
May 2, 2005

This naked outrage, this abomination has run as tributary feeding the televideo stream until the torrent of mindless drivel drooled from the gaping T.V. sewer hole supplanted the real culture, voice and reflection of American values. Clearly, those that would purvey the grotesquery of the mammalian (female) nipple on stage or screen should be sawn to root. At least, that's what the paragons of virtue dictating public morality in the U.S.A. would have.

Yes, reported today: Nipples (female) are a to be a) taped flat; b) digitally removed in editing; or, C) otherwise removed. There's something ominous in that "otherwise" bit.

I'd like to say I made up most of that stuff. Afterall, who would think of such an idiotic, anti-life, anti-everything idea as to disallow the human form? Which beast from which ring of hell would pare our impure points and protruberances?

Well.... these guys might.

Chris Cook
hosts Gorilla Radio, a weekly public affairs program broad/webcast from the University of Victoria, Canada.
He also serves as a contributing editor to PEJ.org. You can see the GR blog here.

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