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More Highway Traffic Headed Our Way PDF Print E-mail
Earth News
Sunday, 15 May 2005 16:21

More Highway Traffic Headed Our WayTraffic Photo -- East Van.

May 15/05 Libby Davies (NDP Member of Parliment for Vancouver East) A Press release

The provincial Liberal government plans to
widen the #1 Highway between 200th Street in
Langley and McGill Street in East Vancouver.
This would include building a second Port
Mann Bridge and widening the highway to
eight lanes, with some sections widening to 10
to 12 lanes. The price tag for this expansion is
$1.4 Billion. There has been no public consultation
and no consideration of alternatives.
East Vancouver residents are on the direct receiving
end of these plans – our streets will be
flooded with increased traffic as more drivers
get on and off the widened highway.



More cars = More pollution

If this plan goes ahead it will mean more cars
on the highway and through our neighbourhoods.
The provincial Liberal government
claims that adding more lanes will reduce pollution
by unclogging congestion and making
cars move more quickly. But in city after city
where this has been tried the results were clear:
more lanes quickly lead to more vehicles and
even more congestion. The math is simple:
more cars equal more pollution.

More at http://www.libbydavies.ca/pdf/cche-highway.pdf

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