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New Song 'IRAQ ATTACK' raises $$$ for Amnesty International PDF Print E-mail
Peace News
Wednesday, 04 May 2005 05:51
New Song 'IRAQ ATTACK' raises $$$ for Amnesty International

"? if perhaps we?d sold ?em trees instead of guns and bombs, there?d be a green field for us all to play on."

After thirteen years in the planning, prepare for an "invasion of your senses" as Iraq Attack is launched upon the unsuspecting World. No need to head for the bomb shelters, rather the headphones, as Michael Hardwick debuts his "hotter-than-a-burning-oilfield" musical satire, Iraq Attack.

Hardwick, an Australian, penned the song as a "stream of consciousness" in 1991 during the first ?Desert Storm? crusade, but it failed to reach "mission status" by the end of the war and was stockpiled.

"Recalled to active duty in 2004 to answer the call to arms: the ?new crusade?," says Hardwick. "No personnel changes were needed. All the characters are the same." As his Iraq Attack lyrics reflect; "We've had about 10,000 years to learn how not to fight. No matter how smart you think we might be, we still haven?t got that right".

A member of Sydney rock bands Blah Blah Blah, The Lovers and Seeder, and founder of the national grass-roots music initiative Club Acoustica, Hardwick continues to be a revolutionary pioneer in the Australian music industry. Iraq Attack has been released as a DVD and CD single on Hardwick?s own independent label Underfoot Records, using only digital on-line distribution.

In ?Pythonesque? style, the Iraq Attack DVD - directed by Mark Stewart-Pearson of Sydney?s Truelove Studios - features cheesy 2D animation of toy soldiers, exploding petrol bowsers and the tabloid ?Humane Guardian? whose headline reads ?The invasion of your senses has commenced?.

"Mark?s wonderful filmclip of Iraq Attack sharpens the audiences focus on the simplistic chaotic madness some of us now feel, as we watch our days go by," says Hardwick. "His use of powerful archetype wastes no energy in clamping our minds eye to his visions intent. This is a vision a child can grasp, whilst fanning a smirk in the grown-ups amongst us."

Iraq Attack is distributed digitally as an audio and video file download only at http://www.iraqattack.net

Downloads cost $A1.88 with 15 cents donated to Amnesty International
For more info/downloads:


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