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Attack Launched Against Infamous Baghdad Prison PDF Print E-mail
Saturday, 02 April 2005 09:36
Attack Launched Against Infamous Baghdad Prison

Reports are coming out of Iraq today (April 2nd, '05) of a coordinated assault against Abu Ghraib prison in Baghdad.


Attack Launched Against Abu Ghraib Prison
C. L. Cook
April 2nd, '05

American military spokesmen confirm at least 18 U.S. casualties resulting a sophisticated, multi-pronged attack against the massive prison complex outside Baghdad. A combination of car bombs, Rocket Propelled Greanade barrage, and estimated 40-60 member troop assault occured as night fell and lasted about 40 minutes, according to the U.S. military.

Abu Ghraib, made infamous by the release of pictures of the torture and humiliation routinely practiced there, has repeatedly come under mortar and bombing attacks. The onset of attacks corrosponded to last year's discovery of a female inmate's letter detailing the rape and torture of women. In the letter, she begged the prison be destroyed.

According to a Red Cross report released last year, as many as 90% of those incarcerated are innocent civilians, arrested from the street, or in their homes and held without charge, or legal recourse.

 The U.S. admits more than 10,000 Iraqis have been imprisoned since the fall of Saddam Hussein.   

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