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More than $20 billion for military space ventures PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 23 March 2005 02:25
More than $20 billion for Military space ventures

The Congressional Research Services provides a wonderful source of information which is made available through the conduit of the Federation of American Scientists. Recently seen is this illuminating document from February 2005, "U.S. Space Programs: Civilian, Military, and Commercial"

"Meanwhile, the Bush Administration planned to increase DOD?s space budget significantly ? from $15.7 billion in FY2002, to $20 billion in FY2004, to a projected $28.7 billion in FY2008. However, in its report on the FY2005 DOD appropriations bill (S.2559, S.Rept. 108-284), the Senate ppropriations Committee cautioned that funding for DOD?s space activities may not be sustainable. DOD has not yet released its FY2006 budget request for ?space.? DOD has not yet publicly released figures for its total FY2006 space budget request, nor for how much those programs received in total for FY2005."


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