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Wednesday, 16 March 2005 18:53
Smart to Advertise on PEJ News

The Peace, Earth & Justice News caters to a =global audience of hundreds of thousands of visitors each month. Readers from around the world find the Peace, Earth and Justice News through Google and the top search engines, as well as by web, email and word of mouth. 

US visitors form the largest single group of readers, followed by Canadians, Europeans, Central and South Americans, Australians & New Zealanders. A rich market of PEJ.org enthusiasts exists in Victoria, Vancouver and British Columbia? the home of many PEJ.org Editors and Contributors.

If you have something of interest to a sophisticated global audience, or have something in Victoria, Vancouver or British Columbia to market to the world, then consider advertising with PEJ News.

PEJ News has been featured several times on the top page of Google News. Our peak stories have drawn as many as 2,642 guests in a single hour. Detailed statistics are available:

Independent traffic ranking - alexa.com/data/details/?url=PEJ.org
Standard web site traffic statistics - PEJ.org/webalizer/web

Who Advertises on PEJ News?

  • Anyone seeking an intelligent, politically inclined global market
  • Marketers seeking thoughtful youth and hip oldsters
  • Those who attract progressive consumers
  • Those who wish to support PEJ News

  • Price conscious advertisers (only our first 11 advertisers):
    • $100/month for a text link
    • $0.15/banner ad click through
    • $0.93 to $2.23 per thousand banner ad views (CPM)
Less is Better

Only a few select advertisers will be allowed access to our readers. Every ad will be seen on almost every page view. Repetition and placement are guaranteed. Access to every visitor, every hit.

PEJ.org will only accept 11 banner advertisers who meet our ethical screen. We will sell only 11 small display ads of 160 pixels square. The Peace, Earth & Justice logo that appears in the top right hand column is 160 pixels square. Your banner ad will appear right below it.

Get on board a hot new Internet property while you can. We?re offering these introductory prices for to our first 11 advertisers only.


Contact Al Rycroft:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Box 8307,Victoria, BC, V8W 3R9
250.592.8307 Canada
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