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Justice News
Monday, 21 February 2005 12:49

Hunter Thompson Steps Out

It's true, then? Hunter S. Thompson stepped out.

Hunter Thompson Steps Out

Feb. 21st, '05

His reknown as the crazy, Godfather of Gonzo [journalism] will no doubt be the focus of much that will be written over the next couple days by those many scribes inspired by HST's guts and passion, instructed by his flourish with a pen, and intimidated by his stubborn refusal to surrender his integrity.

For those discovering his name and work new: Beyond the hype of Las Vegas and the author's celebrated debauchery, there is the hard-knuckle, old-school, journalist's ethical determination to watch out for the little guy; because he was one of them.

Today, when journalists strut their thousand dollar-a-shoe shod feet across an electronic Wonderland set, bedevilled by hairdressers and make-up artists, to intone the view from the top, Thompson remains the example of the crusader-journo; the exemplar those image-bound, hairdo clown talking heads try to evoke when they don trenchcoats, and khaki safari suits, and uniforms.

Tough! Like Bill O'reilly. Unafraid! Like Dan Rather. Humble! Like Peter Jennings. Believable! Like Aaron Brown. With this crew, even Walter Cronkite is turning in his grave.

And, as I write, the said incredible Mr. Brown kicks off a double-header obit segment, featuring the good and pure and blonde, Sandra Dee, (sexually-abused, drug dependant,anoerexic, and troubled, as Aaron painfully made known), playing angelic, opposite Dr. Thompson's Devil: the anti-Dee.

A final, disgusting smear by the mouthpiece representing all he loathed.

I recommend The Great Shark Hunt to see the journeyman journalist honing his craft, and finding his voice. -{lex} 

And here's something from CounterPunch, home to those representing best Hunter Thompson's example. It's Thompson's epitaph for "Tricky Dick" Richard Nixon.

HST Lives!

Last Updated on Monday, 21 February 2005 12:49

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