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Bush Signs Class-Action Curbs into Law PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Friday, 18 February 2005 16:00

Bush Signs Class-Action Curbs into Law - by airamericaradio.com

  At a ceremony today, President Bush signed the "Class Action Fairness Act," which rewrites the rules for class-action lawsuits. In what has become the first bill to be signed by the president this year, the signing signifies the first "tort reform" victory for the right-wing and big industry at the expense of consumers and workers. Next, the Republican-dominated Congress will look to limit asbestos and medical malpractice suits.

This legislation essentially is designed "to funnel most [class action] lawsuits from state courts to the federal system in a procedural change." Business interests want this change because federal courts are generally less sympathetic to class-action cases. The legislation "was produced by the same right-wing think tanks that gave us the proposed Social Security overhaul and Medicare privatization and was marketed by the US Chamber of Commerce, which along with a coalition of businesses has spent tens of millions of dollars on the effort," according to The Nation. This legislation "will make class actions--most of which involve discrimination, consumer fraud and wage-and-hour violations--all but impossible." Click here to listen to Bush speak before he signs the bill.

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