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Prime Minister to make critical decision on vehicle emissions PDF Print E-mail
Earth News
Friday, 18 February 2005 08:38
Martin poised to make critical decision on vehicle emissions

WildCanada: The federal government is poised to make a very important decision this week on how Canada will reach its target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from passenger vehicles. In 2002, Canada ratified the Kyoto Protocol and committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to 6% below 1990 levels by 2010. Thanks to Russia's ratification in 2004, the Kyoto Protocol became international law on February 16th 2005, giving Canada a legal obligation to meet its Kyoto commitments. The auto-industry is trying to undermine significant greenhouse gas emission legislation and persuade Prime Minister Martin to agree to a voluntary arrangement, rather than regulation.


Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 17:54:31 -0500
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Subject: Martin poised to make critical decision on vehicle emissions!

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February 17, 2005

Kyoto became legal yesterday and Prime Minister Martin is poised to make a critical decision about vehicle emissions!

Tell Prime Minister Martin that you support regulation of the auto-industry by sending a letter from the <http://www.actionworks.ca/clientfiles/syc/actioncentres/syc/takeaction.jsp> Sierra Youth Coalition's Action Centre. Voluntary measures will not work!

Minister Martin&rsquo;s decision is not only a Canadian issue, but could play a significant role in achieving low emission vehicles for all of North America.

The auto-industry is currently trying to undermine California&rsquo;s new Clean Car legislation. As the most significant current US climate change initiative, and with at least seven states planning to adopt the new law, there could be substantial reductions in green house gas emissions with this legislation.

Canada could pass vehicle emissions regulations that carmakers would be unable to undermine. If forced to build clean cars for Canada's market, the auto-industry will be more apt to accept the inevitability of California's Clean Car Legislation, and build low emission vehicles for all of North America.

It is critical that the auto-industry does not get their way with making emission targets voluntary. <http://www.actionworks.ca/clientfiles/syc/actioncentres/syc/takeaction.jsp> Take action now!

The Canadian government sought a voluntary agreement from the auto-industry to lower emissions of its vehicles. But so far, carmakers have shown no willingness to meet Canada's Kyoto targets. Voluntary measures have been ineffective, and if Canada is going to meet its target of reducing emissions of passenger vehicles by 5.2 megatonnes by 2010, we are going to have to regulate the auto-industry now.

Prime Minister Paul Martin is expected to decide whether Canada will accept the voluntary agreement from carmakers or establish regulations sometime this week.

<http://www.actionworks.ca/clientfiles/syc/actioncentres/syc/takeaction.jsp> Please send a letter right away!

<http://www.actionworks.ca/clientfiles/syc/actioncentres/syc/takeaction.jsp> <http://www.actionworks.ca/clientfiles/syc/actioncentres/syc/takeaction.jsp> Let Paul Martin know you support emissions regulation &ndash; don&rsquo;t let the auto-industry get their way with voluntary measures! Tell your friends about this landmark decision by forwarding this action alert. <http://www.wildcanada.net/donate> Make a donation to support our partnership with the Sierra Youth Coalition to bring the most pertinent climate change issues to your inbox.

Why should we save Alberta's grizzly bears?

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Have you invited 120,000 caribou into your living room yet?

As part of an international action to oppose drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge we're asking Canadians to watch a great new film produced by the National Film Board of Canada called 'Being Caribou'. On March 12th, people will be taking action by screening this film in homes, cafes, schools, community halls and public theatres across North America.

Racking up it's fourth peoples choice award at the Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival this week, it's a must see!

<http://www.beingcaribou.com/action/action.htm> Click here for details

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