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"Gays won't be getting married in Alberta, we're not going to do it," - Premier Klein PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Saturday, 18 December 2004 20:54
"Gays won't be getting married in Alberta, we're not going to do it," - Premier Klein

The Sky is falling! Albertans in a Frenzy over Gay Marriage

Conservatives accept same-sex relationships ought to be recognized for the first time. You read it right, Conservatives and the religious right are accepting of recognizing gay unions.

- Rick Barnes
Editor GLBTQ pej.org
This latest move may appear to seem enlightened until you see it is a last ditch attempt to keep gays from entering into a marriage. For the last ten years, Ralph Klein, Stephen Harper, Pat O'Brien, Randy White and Tom Wappell have fought against every single gay rights initiative.

What was to end families, destroy the foundation of our communities is now acceptable to these folks. How easily they change their colours. To their credit, they have come a long way, fighting as they did to keep gays from having access to their children, adoption rights, partner benefits, security in employment and housing.

Gays won't be getting married in Alberta, even if Ottawa goes ahead and approves same-sex marriages. "We're not going to do it," Premier Ralph Klein told the Sun yesterday.

"That's the attitude right now -- gays and lesbians shouldn't be discriminated against except when it comes to marriage.
You read that right, gays in Alberta should have all the rights of straights except for marriage, the Premier himself said that. This from the Premier that tried twice to use the Charter of Rights and Freedoms "notwithstanding clause" to prevent providing the most basic human rights to gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans Albertans.

Kleins states he will do whatever it takes, even defying the law, forcing gay Albertans to go to court. Klein's government will spend tens of thousands of dollars to delay the implementation of the law. Klein and his conservative band of thugs are threatening the principle of responsible government.

The right to marry has always been between a man and a woman they argue. We can not allow gays to marry. To do so will mean "my marriage" means less. This sounds a lot like the rational used to prevent women from voting, that made women property of their husband, that banned mixed race marriages, prevented aboriginal Canadians from voting or entering into business contracts and keep women out of leadership roles in some churches, business and government.

The rational is always the same. Some people at the top of the heap need others at the bottom to gaze upon in order to justify their feelings of superiority.

"But I'm adamant about this issue. The majority of Albertans oppose same-sex marriage. My caucus unanimously supports traditional marriage. I also have my own personal views. Whether you're a subscriber to the Darwin theory or to the Biblical theory of Adam and Eve, marriage is between a man and a woman and it should stay that way," concluded Klein.

Well at least there is some hope here, Klein did mention evolution.

Rick Barnes is 46 and has just recently moved to Kelowna BC. He has spent the last 25 years advocating for gay rights and played a significant role in electing gays and gay positive persons at the municipal, provincial and federal levels of government.

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Stephen Harper must be shitting himself. Ralph Klein has announced he will lead his own "mad as hell tour" across Canada in the new year. The object? To rouse discrimination in the nation. A worthy cause for anyone, isn't it?

Klein has stated discrimination is okay. That's right folks, the leader of our wealthiest province has given his approval to the kind of thing we were taught from our earliest days o­n earth is downright despicable. Great example for the kids, isn't it?
Last Updated on Saturday, 18 December 2004 20:54

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