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10 Commandments of the Christian Right Industrial Military Establishment (CRIME) PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Written by Joan Russow
Sunday, 26 January 2020 09:19

10 Commandments of the Christian Right Industrial Military Establishment (CRIME)

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1. Thou shalt covet thy neighbour's resources

2. Thou shalt foresake social programs to reduce national debt; thou shalt not tax the rich

3. Thou shalt condemn public education and universal health care

4. Thou shalt rejoice in nationalism, military expansion and intervention

5. Thou shalt venerate the gun and the right to bear arms, especially concealed and assault weapons

6. Thou shalt couch anti-reproductive choice as “right to life"

7. Thou shalt not honour the rights of indigenous peoples

8. Thou shalt clothe intolerance in the cloak of “freedom of expression”

9. Thou shalt not allow environmental protection conservation and climate change  , equity or human rights to be a barrier to free trade and to private property privilege; thou shalt not impede industrial progress and refuse to sign and ratify  the Un Treaty on the Prohibition of nuclear weapons  

10. Thou shalt punish for crime rather than prevent crime through social programs, and contruct a wall to keep out those seeking refugee status 


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