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Written by Joan Russow
Saturday, 04 January 2020 12:51


The US does not recognize the Internatiional Criminal Court (ICC) and seems to believe it can act with impunity without consequences.

And the US will probably attempt as it did in 2003 to bypass Chapter VI of the Charter and try to coerce the permanent members to support, the strike on Iran as being a preventive strike or use article 51 and argue it was self defence. As in 2003, the permanent members of  UNSC will not be in unanimity and will not support the legality of the strike.

in 2003, I was part of the Uniting for Peace Coalition and we were using 1951 Uniting for Peace Resolution which stated that when the UNSC permanent members could not agree, the responsiilty to act falls on the UNGA. In 2003,  the permanent members did not agree. We lobbied the UNGA to have an emergency session and invoke the Uniting for peace Resolution and condemn the imminent invasion OF iRAQ. It almost happened until the US sent a threatening letter to all state delegations.

The 1951 Uniting for Peace" resolution, states that in any cases where 

the Security Council, because of a lack of unanimity amongst its PERMANENT members, fails to act as required to maintain international peace and security, the General Assembly shall consider the matter immediately and may issue any recommendations it deems necessary in order to restore international peace and security. If not in session at the time the General Assembly may meet using the mechanism of the emergency special session.  


  Could it not be argued that it is obvious that there would not be unity among the permanent members  

Perhaps we could propose that  

There must be an emergency session of UN General Assembly invoking Uniting for Peace resolution  and chapter six- peaceful resolution of disputes and article 27  which ensures parties to the conflict, abstain. 



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