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Summer School on Geoengineering Governance PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Sue Hiscocks
Monday, 15 July 2019 10:50

Sue Hiscocks - July 7, 2019

A conference on ‘geoengineering’ will take place August 5 – 11 in Banff, Alberta at the Banff Center. “As the severity of climate change risks become clear, geoengineering techniques (i.e. chemtrail spraying, weather modification) are increasingly both receiving attention and generating controversy. These technological responses appear to offer substantial risk – reduction opportunities, serious new risks, and novel and potentially severe governance challenges.” 


The event, sponsored by the Emmet Inst. and Environment at UCLA School of Law, including speaker David Keith (associated with University of Calgary, Harvard Edu.) and faculty coordinator Amy Chang ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it & This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


For years, chemtrails were dismissed as ‘conspiracy theories*’ and ‘vapor trails’. Most planes no longer produce vapor trails, bypassing turbine engines. Two nozzles behind the engines dispense nano-particles such as aluminum, barium to create ‘trails’.


Present legislation doesn’t restrict chemical spraying in our atmosphere. Justice Laws Website ‘Weather Modification Act’ 1985 R.S.C. W5 requires: 

  1.  Administration to be informed (Government in Council)
  2.  a fine of $1,000 on the source.


In her book Chemtrails, HAARP* and the Full Spectrum Dominance, Elana Freeland states, “Laid daily over all 28 NATO nations, chemtrails linger for hours, spreading out into cirrus contrailus cloud cover in the name of weather engineering and amelioration of ‘global warming’ or ‘climate change’. Extreme weather, floods, droughts, snowstorms in hurricanes etc. is indeed due to HAARP and other ionospheric heaters around the globe blasting the ionosphere and ionizing out atmosphere with microwaves for various political, economic and biological agendas.” Being able to manipulate weather as a weapon of war is a considerable global power chip. (p 257)


In a recent interview, July 19 with George Nori on Coast to Coast radio she discussed her new book, Under an Ionized Sky for Chemtrails to Space Fence Lockdown. (©2018 Feral House & Freeland) she explains how connectivity thro nanoparticles is tied to ultrasonic weapons systems – part of a weaponized space program shrouded by secrecy. Technocracy by an elite with deep pockets; scientists, technologists, military, industrial interests, Artificial Intelligence running smart systems into satellite surveillance, etc. are mentioned.


It seems we need a Non-Partisan Inquiry by a coalition government to address effects of geo-engineering, ozone depletion and global warming now. International regulations and oversight must be enacted immediately if we are to regain climate stability and survive! Cooperation is the key.


*Wikipedia – more info: geo-engineering watch.org www.weather modificationhistory.com – doc “Frankenskies”

*HAARP – High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project

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