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Lets Party During BC Wine and Cheese Week PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Written by Dragonslayer
Monday, 12 February 2018 18:25

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley recently attacked the innocent bystander (BC Wine Industry)  because of an unrelated issue about the Kinder Morgan pipe line. 

She went even further by pulling out the Russian playbook and suggested that If BC didn't do what she wants that she would encourage BC residents to vote against the BC NDP in BC byelections.   Blackmail and election tampering for sure.   Maybe she broke the law?  Ya think?

I would like to invite all those thirsty Albertans to come visit us in BC.  Open up the summer cottage and throw wine and cheese parties.  Perhaps we could convince Premier Horgan to declare a wine and cheese holliday so we could all take a day to tie one on.   Oh what the heck...Lets just make it a week and we can super charge our wine industry.  We might even end up with a stimulated cheese industry.

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