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The Second Global Chemtrail Summit 2017 PDF Print E-mail
Earth - Letters to Editor
Written by Sue Hiscocks
Saturday, 20 May 2017 00:21

Featured speakers at the conference included:  (search YouTube name) - Matt Landman, host, filmmaker "Frankenskies", organic farmer ,"stop sitting on the fence..Geo-engineering causes climate change!"- Jolene La Marsh and Domenic Marrama; Amanda Baise documented in detail the history of 'weather modification' from the '20's to the present. (fweathermodificationhistory.com)Chemtrails appeared in '95 and a long list of patents tell the story of corporate interests. Education, legal, military, industrial interests merged.  Media- consolidated into six groups in the '90's - with the CIA- have kept changing the terminology i.e.: chemtrails, geo-engineering, tropospheric aerosol, solar radiation management, etc. to confuse the issue. 'Whoever controls the weather controls the world' is the mantra and the target date, using the weather as a weapon is 2025!-Rapaelle O'Neil (New Orleans photos, plasma bombs)-Clyde Lewis (Ground Zero Radio)-Patrick Roddie (Stop Spraying Us.com)

-Elana Freeland- educator and author of Chemtrails, HAARP and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth describes how technologies alter weather (p. 257):" By steering the jet stream and ground-based directional arrays in a highly ionized atmosphere, weather can be made to draw rain from one area to another, or just as easily dry up moisture and produce extreme drought...being able to manipulate weather as a weapon of war is a considerable global power chip."-Allan Buckman (former U.S. Airforce, Weatherman).The program was to end with the premier of movie 'Frankenskies'.

A conference on 'How the Govern Geo-engineering' is planned for May 18.

A Moratorium/Inquiry on Geo-engineering should be imposed immediately and communities informed on what is being sprayed on them.  The consequences are catastrophic.

Other Sources: Climate Change Agenda.com, Actual Activists.com, Global Research, Ottawa University.  www.the chembow.com in the New Agora, May 2017 "Ending the Engineered California Drought".

Sue Hiscocks - Victoria BC

Last Updated on Saturday, 20 May 2017 00:48

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