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Impeachable - The Money Laundering Card PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Written by Dragonslayer
Thursday, 11 May 2017 20:51

The investigation into Trump and Russia took a turn when Trump fired the Director of the FBI for investigating possible collusion to fix the election he won.  They may have him on interfering and coverup.   This is reinforced by Trumps own admission that he thought the investigation was an attempt by the Democrates to change the election results.  So by his own admission his reason for firing Comey had to do at least in part because of the Trump Russia investigation.  That is definately an attempt to derail the FBI investigation into himself.

If Trump was involved in helping the Russians launder money then that is another way he could be impeached.  It seems to me that the FBI, The congressional Committee, the Senate or the CIA could subpoena Donald Trump's tax returns.  This would be a very inexpensive and sure fire way to find out who paid who for what and when.  It will show which foreign governments have him by the blank and reveal whether or not he broke the law in his business dealings.

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