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G 7 Summit 2015: need to redefine what constitutes true security PDF Print E-mail
Peace News
Written by Joan Russow
Sunday, 07 June 2015 03:28


By Joan Russow

Global Compliance Research Project


Flaggs der G7-Staaten The G7 summit will take place on 7 and 8 June 2015Source: Photothek.net

The need to redefine what constitutes “true security.”

True security is, not militarised security, collective security or “human security,all of which have been used as  pretexts  for war: for war: so-called “human security” (Iraq 1991, “Humanitarian intervention” (Kosovo, 1999), “Responsibility to Protect” (Haiti, 2004, Libya, 2011), “Article 51-self-defence” (Afghanistan (2003) and Syria (2015).


True Securityembodies the following objectives:

To achieve a state of peace, and disarmament, through reduction of military expenses;

To create a global structure that respects the rule of law including for the jurisdiction and decisions of the International Ccourt of Justice;

To enable socially equitable and environmentally sound employment, and ensure the right to development and social justice;

To promote and fully guarantee respect for human rights including labour rights, women’s rights civil and political rights, indigenous rights, social and cultural rights – right to food, right to housing, to safe drinking water and sewage treatment, to education and to universally accessible not for profit health care system;

To ensure the preservation, and protection of the environment, the respect for the inherent worth of nature beyond human purpose, the reduction of the ecological footprint and the moving to away from the current model of unsustainable overconsumption.


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