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Indigenous Advocate Seeks Justice - Files charges against Imperial Metals Over Biggest Mining Spill in Canada PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Joan Russow   
Saturday, 05 August 2017 12:03


Indigenous Advocate Seeks Justice - Files charges against Imperial Metals Over Biggest Mining Spill in Canada

Bev Sellars and Jacinda Mack, Vancouver, August 4 2017

Vancouver, August 4, 2017, 3h30pm. As today marks the third anniversary of the Mt Polley Mine disaster and the time limit to file charges under BC laws, Indigenous advocate Bev Sellars announces that she filed private charges against Mount Polley Mining Corporation (Imperial Metals) at the Provincial Court of British Columbia this afternoon in Vancouver. Sellars was acting Chief of Xat’sull First Nation when the disaster struck near her community on August 4, 2014.

This legal action comes after the newly elected Horgan government announced earlier this week it would not file charges before the August 4 deadline, stating that “an investigation was still ongoing,” and passing the buck to the Trudeau government to enforce the federal Fisheries Act in the matter.

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Weaver says 44 members voting the same way could create stability. (CBC) PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Joan Russow   
Wednesday, 24 May 2017 19:34

By Joan Russow


This is wonderful news for the citizens of British Columbia


 Last night I gave  the following presentation on a panel:


I have done a content analysis of the platforms of the NDP and the Green Party

First, I would like to discuss five key issues; proportional representation, electoral finance reform, party status, Kinder Morgan and Site C; then I will refer to other core elements in the platform.

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Elections B.C. probes Liberal Party fundraising PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Joan Russow   
Monday, 06 March 2017 08:17

KATHY TOMLINSON The Globe and MailPublished Sunday, Mar. 05, 2017 9:35PM ESTLast updated Monday, Mar. 06, 2017 7:56AM ES=

The B.C. Liberal Party said it will revamp its website immediately, to remind donors they can’t donate on behalf of others. (CHAD HIPOLITO/THE CANADIAN PRESS)


The governing Liberal Party in British Columbia is under investigation for its fundraising practices by Elections B.C., after The Globe and Mail revealed lobbyists are illegally funnelling money to the party – routinely – on behalf of corporate and special interests.

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Kinder Morgan is short on cash, and desperately needs investors PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Joan Russow   
Thursday, 23 February 2017 19:01

News just broke that Kinder Morgan is short on cash, and desperately needs investors to back their Trans Mountain project -- a dirty tarsands pipeline that would threaten BC’s coast with oil spills and facilitate a massive increase in climate pollution from the tarsands. [1-3]

They've hired TD Bank to broker talks with pension funds and banks, searching for backers to bail out their struggling pipeline plan. [4]

TD invests millions in branding themselves as a friendly and socially responsible bank, and they don't want their brand associated with environmental destruction.

A massive petition could show TD that supporting the Kinder Morganpipeline could damage their brand and cost them customers. IThe company won't do anything that they think will hurt their bottom line, so if we can make this campaign huge, it could work.

TD is meeting investors on behalf of Kinder Morgan right now, so we need to act fast. Will you sign the petition asking TD to immediately stop helping Kinder Morgan find investors to bail out their tarsands pipeline project?

Sign the petition now

The pipeline would be a disaster: oil spills in salmon streams, massive tankers on BC's fragile coast, and a huge surge of climate pollition. KinderMorgan admits the project would create only 50 permanent jobs, and economists say the pipeline isn’t even needed. [5-6]

But Kinder Morgan's weak financial position could be their achilles heel. They're relying on TD to help find backers for their risky pipeline and tanker scheme and if we convince TD to pull out, it would leave Kinder Morgan scrambling -- creating costly delays they simply can't afford 

The pipeline has already been approved by the federal and provincial government, and this is one of the few avenues we have left to stop the project. So what do you say, joanrussow. Will you sign the petition calling on TD to pull out of their contracts with Kinder Morgan?

We've seen banks give into the pressure of campaigns to stop pipelines before. Just last November, indigenous activists in Norway convinced Norway’s largest bank to divest from the Dakota Access Pipeline. It worked in Norway, and it could work here -- but only if thousands of us sign the petition now. [7]


Site C PDF Print E-mail
Justice News
Posted by Sue Hiscocks   
Friday, 18 November 2016 14:26

Two years ago, the government promised energy-intensive LNG projects electrical rates at $83.02 per megawatt hour.

Now Clark has offered LNG developers a stunning give-it-away rate of $53.60. That is $30 below the original quote and about half the expected $100-plus cost of a megawatt-hour from the $9-billion Site C dam. That dam will raise electricity prices so Clark can give away our tax money to tar sands LNG developers and US consumers.*

So aside from stealing native land, destroying native sacred burial sites, putting BC food and water security at risk and ignoring public wishes, Clark is going to steal BC taxpayer money and give it to Alberta tarsands companies, LNG companies and the US.  Why is she not in jail?


* the Tyee http://www.thetyee.ca/Opinion/2016/11/10/BC-LNG-Fraud/

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